‘Whose Streets?’ Tracks Inspirational Call For Social Justice

By Jordan Riefe, www.truthdig.com -

By Jordan Riefe for Truth Dig - On Aug. 9 three years ago, unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. The killing took place under disputed circumstances, [...]

Why Are Ferguson Activists Dying?

By Jason Johnson, www.theroot.com -

By Jason Johnson for The Root. The most iconic photo of the Ferguson, Mo., protests, if not the entire Black Lives Matter movement, is of Edward Crawford defiantly throwing a tear gas canister [...]

Five Years Ago Today, Trayvon Martin Was Killed

By Staff, www.rememberingtrayvon.com -

Staff for #RememberTrayvon. The murder of Trayvon Martin was the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement that accelerated with the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and has grown with [...]

Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Shot And Found Dead

By Lois Beckett, www.theguardian.com -

By Lois Beckett for The Guardian - Ferguson protest leader Darren Seals was found dead early Tuesday morning in a car that had been set on fire. Seals had been shot, and St Louis County police [...]

Ferguson Protesters Being Arrested Under Unconstitutional Law

By Mariah Stewart and Ryan J. Reilly, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Mariah Stewart and Ryan J. Reilly for The Huffington Post - ST. LOUIS — Officials in St. Louis County have issued warrants for the arrest of at least 47 individuals charged in connection with [...]

Ferguson Prosecutor Determined To Convict Activists Finally Resigns

By Mariah Stewart, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Mariah Stewart for The Huffington Post - ST. LOUIS — After pressure from the media and community activists, Ferguson’s relentless part-time head prosecutor Stephanie Karr has announced her [...]

Black Liberation: Ghosts Of The Past, Potential Of The Future

By Angela Y. Davis, www.truth-out.org -

By Angela Y. Davis for Truth Dig - Thank you so much and good evening everyone. First of all it is a pleasure and an honor to be here at Davidson College to help you celebrate Black History [...]

Newsletter: Justice Takes A Lifetime

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to grow its power and have notable victories, but 600 hundred years of racial oppression, [...]

The End Of Discriminatory Policing In Ferguson?

By J. Weston Phippen, www.theatlantic.com -

By J. Weston Phippen for The Atlantic - The Ferguson, Missouri, City Council reversed its previous position and voted Tuesday night to accept the changes to its courts and police departments that [...]

How #BlackLivesMatter; #Ferguson Became Movement

By Deen Freelon, Charlton D. McIlwain, and Meredith D. Clark, www.cmsimpact.org -

By Deen Freelon, Charlton D. McIlwain, and Meredith D. Clark for CMSI - IN 2014, A DEDICATED ACTIVIST MOVEMENT—Black Lives Matter (BLM)—ignited an urgent national conversation about police [...]

Angela Davis Talks Black Liberation, History & Contemporary Vision

By Sheryl Huggins Salomon, www.ebony.com -

By Sheryl Huggins Salomon for Ebony - Fifty years after the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, the agenda and style of the legendary Black revolutionary organization remains [...]

Civil Disobedience And Free Speech Tested By Prayer In Ferguson

By Sharmini Peries, www.therealnews.com -

By Sharmini Peries for The Real News - On February 9 of 2016, after 20 minutes of a jury deliberation, Ferguson civil liberties protester Rev. Sekou was found not guilty on charges stemming from [...]

Feds Sue Ferguson For Widespread Constitutional Violations

By Ryan J. Reilly, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Ryan J. Reilly for The Huffington Post - WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday in an effort to end what it [...]

Newsletter: Defeating The Oligarchs

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. People in the US are taught that the way to create change is through voting. But in reality, voting in the US is very limited and ineffective. In an article, [...]

DOJ Agreement Would Stop Policing For Profit In Ferguson

By Ryan J. Reilly and Mariah Stewart, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Ryan J. Reilly and Mariah Stewart for The Huffington Post - ST. LOUIS -- A sweeping proposed agreement between the Justice Department and Ferguson, Missouri, would bring big changes to way the [...]