States Seeking To Preempt Minimum Wage Increases By Cities

By Staff of National Employment Law Project, -

By Staff of National Employment Law Project. State legislatures around the country are attempting to bar cities and counties from passing their own minimum wage laws through “preemption” laws [...]

Atlanta Fought For $15 And Won

By Joel Mendelson, -

By Joel Mendelson for Jobs with Justice - People working for the city of Atlanta received welcome news as the City Council unanimously passed a budget raising their wages. Starting on July 1, [...]

Major Victory For #FightFor$15 & Workers: Puzder To Withdraw

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. In the first defeat for a nominee for President Trump's cabinet, Mike Puzder, nominated to be Secretary of Labor is withdrawing. His controversial [...]

Tens of Thousands To Strike, Following Election Defined By Rigged Economy

By Anna Susman, -

By Anna Susman for Fight for $15. The four-year-old Fight for $15 will not back down and that any efforts to block wage increases, gut workers’ rights or healthcare, deport immigrants, or support [...]

A Convention For The 64 Million Americans Paid Less Than $15/Hour

By Antoin Adams, -

By Antoin Adams for The Huffington Post - In the nearly 100 degree heat this weekend, I joined thousands of fast-food and other underpaid workers in Richmond, VA—the capital of the former [...]

Why Black Lives Matter And Fight For 15 Are Protesting Side-By-Side

By Kira Lerner, -

By Kira Lerner for Think Progress - BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — On Thursday, low-wage workers across the country are taking to the streets to demand a $15 minimum wage. In New York, the protests were [...]

Fight For $15 Movement Confronts The Presidential Candidates

By Isaiah J. Poole, -

By Isaiah J. Poole for Campaign for America's Future - Thursday night is a big night for both political parties in New York City, with the Democratic presidential candidates staging a [...]

April 14: Our Biggest-Ever Global Strikes And Protests

By Staff, -

By Staff of Fight for 15 - Days after millions of workers in California and thousands in Pennsylvania won historic pay increases to $15/hr and amidst ongoing negotiations for $15/hr for millions [...]

Fight For $15 Update: When Truman Doubled Minimum Wage

By Giovanna Frank-Vitale, -

By Giovanna Frank-Vitale for Fight For $15. A New York Times editorial, Teresa Tritch details what happened with Harry Truman doubled the minimum wage in 1950 from 40 cents to 75 cents an hour: [...]

Newsletter: Why Protests Will Continue To Grow

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. This week the reason that there are a growing protest movement and growing disenchantment with government was put on display. The [...]

Fast-Food Workers Plan Wave Of Strikes For 2016 Primaries

By Giovanna Vitale and Jack Temple, -

By Giovanna Vitale and Jack Temple for #FightFor15. Fast-food workers announced Friday that an unprecedented wave of strikes and actions calling for $15 and union rights will hit this primary [...]

National Labor Board Takes McDonald’s To Court

By Ned Resnikoff, -

By Ned Resnikoff for Aljazeera - Current and former McDonald’s workers who accuse the fast-food giant of illegal union-busting will get their day in court on Monday, when an administrative law [...]