World Premiere: In The Shadow Of The Revolution

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Caracas Chronicles - Caracas Chronicles is proud to be the venue chosen by long-time friend and much-appreciated copy-editor Clifton Ross, and his colleague J.Arturo Albarrán, to [...]

‘Whose Streets?’ Tracks Inspirational Call For Social Justice

By Jordan Riefe, -

By Jordan Riefe for Truth Dig - On Aug. 9 three years ago, unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. The killing took place under disputed circumstances, [...]

Borneo (Kalimantan): A Frontline For Survival Of Our Planet

By Andre Vltchek, -

By Andre Vltchek for Counter Currents - But after visiting Borneo earlier this year (2017), something changed inside me. The island used to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, covered [...]

Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War On Behalf Of Pentagon, CIA And NSA

By Tom Secker, -

By Tom Secker for Insurge Intelligence/ Medium - Alongside the massive scale of these operations, our new book National Security Cinema details how US government involvement also includes script [...]

“Do Not Resist”: Police Militarization Documentary Everyone Should See

By Ryan Devereaux, -

By Ryan Devereaux for The Intercept - The officers, members of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department tactical team, were descending on a modest one-story house looking for drugs and guns. The [...]

Experience ‘RIKERS,’ Face To Face

By Bill Moyers, -

By Bill Moyers for Moyers & Company - Over the years I have landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport knowing that the island just off and below the tip of the right wing was Rikers, the city’s [...]

20 Latino PBS Films To Stream For Free During Hispanic Heritage Month

By Andrew S. Vargas, -

By Andrew S. Vargas for Remezcla - ll folks, it’s September again, which means a whole year has passed since we last celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. A year that brought us cultural milestones [...]

How ‘Snowden’ Film Could Help Win Pardon For Snowden The Man

By James Bamford, -

By James Bamford for Reuters - The days leading up to last Friday’s release of director Oliver Stone’s Snowden looked like one long movie trailer. The American Civil Liberties Union and other [...]

Why Oliver Stone’s Snowden Is Best Film Of Year

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Counter Punch - Snowden is the most entertaining, informing, and important film you are likely to see this year. It’s the true story of an awakening. It traces the path of [...]

Why I Am Returning My Award

By Arundhati Roy, -

By Arundhati Roy for The Indian Express - Although I do not believe that awards are a measure of the work we do, I would like to add the National Award for Best Screenplay that I won in 1989 to [...]

The Black Panthers Are Back

By Reese Erlich , -

By Reese Erlich for Common Dreams - Seeing a documentary on the Black Panthers while sitting next to Bobby Seale is quite an experience. As we watch a press preview of the film in an East Oakland [...]

Year Of The Woman

By Rebecca Traister, -

By Rebecca Traister in Huffington Post - For only five nights in the fall of 1973, a documentary called “Year of the Woman” played at the Fifth Avenue Cinema in Greenwich Village. Crowds lined up [...]

The Guardian Review Of New Film: We Are Many

By Paul Barfoot, -

We Are Many, Amir Amirani’s epic film about the global anti Iraq war protests of 2003, received a four-minute standing ovation when it debuted at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival [...]

A Tale Of Two Movies

By John Reuwer, -

As a student and teacher of nonviolent action, I was disheartened last week to wake up and read of the box office success of what I thought was yet another shoot-em-up action film, the American [...]

Poitras And Engelhardt On Snowden

By Laura Poitras and Tom Engelhardt, -

Tom Engelhardt: Could you start by laying out briefly what you think we've learned from Edward Snowden about how our world really works? Laura Poitras: The most striking thing Snowden has [...]

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