The Eurasian Century Has Already Begun

By Scott Foster, Asia Times. -

India, China and ASEAN are the greatest market opportunities, with the greatest potential for growth in nominal terms if the dollar declines. China, India and ASEAN also account for about 45% [...]

Could Climate Change Spark A Financial Crisis? Candidates Warn Fed It’s A Risk

By John Lippert, -

A few of the Democrats running for president have started warning about climate change in a way that voters rarely think about yet can profoundly affect their lives. To sum it up: If you think [...]

Study Strongly Supports Public Banking To Finance Infrastructure

By The Public Banking Institute. -

In honor of the Bank of North Dakota’s centennial anniversary, here is an excellent academic report from Cornell University that includes a detailed case study of BND’s 2015 Infrastructure Loan [...]

Offshore Finance: How Capital Rules The World

By Reijer Hendrikse, and Rodrigo Fernandez, ROAR Magazine -

Offshore finance is not solely about capital moving beyond the reach of states, but involves the rampant unbundling and commercialization of state sovereignty itself. Offshore jurisdictions [...]

The World Is Dangerously Lowballing The Economic Cost Of Climate Change

By Alexander C. Kaufman, -

It’s almost impossible to calculate how many trillions of dollars it could cost. Leading global forecasts widely underestimate the future costs of climate change, a new paper warns. The findings, [...]

Do Financial Markets Still Exist?

By Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, and Michael Hudson, -

No one should find this a surprising suggestion.  The Bank of Japan has a long tradition of propping up the Japanese equity market with large purchases of equities. The European Central Bank [...]

Trump & Fed: Shadow Bankers Deepening Control Of US Economy

By Staff, -

Trump's imminent appointments of Fed chairs, vice-chairs and governors may prove the first step in the total capture of the US central bank by the shadow banker element in the US economy. What [...]

The Real Causes Of Deficits And The US Debt

By Jack Rasmus, -

By Jack Rasmus for Tele Sur - Nonsense like social security and Medicare will be insolvent by 2030. When in fact social security has created a multi-trillion dollar surplus since 1986, which the [...]

Obama’s $400,000 Speech Shows Depth Of Corruption

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Former President Obama seems to be cashing in or receiving a payoff for his policies as president. He will be receiving a $400,000 payment from a mid-size [...]

Financing Recovery And Fairness By Going Where Money Is

By Josh Bivens and Hunter Blair, -

By Josh Bivens and Hunter Blair for EPI - Progressive tax increases should be a top policy priority. If the economy returns to and stays at full employment, they can finance current federal [...]

Tallying Up The Mounting Economic Toll Of North Carolina’s HB2

By Alex Kotch, -

By Alex Kotch for Facing South - Since becoming law in late March, North Carolina's House Bill 2 has sparked national controversy and an ongoing boycott of the state over its discriminatory [...]

Will Death Of Fossil Fuels Take Down The Economy?

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

By Nafeez Ahmed for AlterNet - It’s not looking good for the global fossil fuel industry. Although the world remains heavily dependent on oil, coal and natural gas—which today supply around 80 [...]

War On Savings: Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, And Push To Go Cashless

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt - The bombshell publication of the “Panama Papers,” leaked from a Panama law firm specializing in shell companies, has triggered both outrage and skepticism. In an [...]

Breaking: Iceland PM Resigns Over Panama Papers

By Staff, -

By France 24 Europe. "The prime minister told (his party's) parliamentary group meeting that he would step down as prime minister and I will take over," the deputy leader of Iceland's Progressive [...]

Stephen Hawking: Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

By Alexander C. Kaufman, -

By Alexander C. Kaufman for The Huffington Post - Machines won't bring about the economic robot apocalypse -- but greedy humans will, according to physicist Stephen Hawking. In a Reddit Ask Me [...]

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