Investors Finally Facing Up To Climate Change

By Frank Jordans, -

Over 200 companies have pledged greater transparency on reporting climate-related risks in their businesses as part of a voluntary program led by U.S. billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The former [...]

Declaration On Climate Finance

By Staff, -

We the undersigned, call for an immediate end to investments in new fossil fuel production and infrastructure, and encourage a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy. We are issuing [...]

Financial Industry Split On Speculation Tax

By Sarah Anderson, -

By Sarah Anderson for - Wall Street lobbyists have the luxury, at least for now, of largely ignoring calls for a U.S. tax on financial speculation. While Senator Bernie Sanders [...]

The Financial Aristocracy

By Staff, -

By Staff of ROAR - The history of capitalism is characterized by a fundamental paradox, in which the most abstract and most impersonal expression of value — money — mediates the most concrete and [...]

David Graeber: The Power Of Finance, History Of Inequality & Legacy Of OWS

By David Graeber, -

By David Graeber for ROAR Magazine. So hundreds of thousands suddenly showed up. I mean, we had what — like 800 occupations at peak? Then of course came the evictions and they realize, “oh, I [...]

Here’s Why Americans Are Mad As Hell At Wall Street And Washington

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens, -

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens for Walls Street On Parade - Yesterday we published our 1,007th article here at Wall Street On Parade on the insidiously corrupt financial system in the United [...]

Overcharged: The High Cost Of High Finance

By Gerald Epstein and Juan Antonio Montecino, -

By Gerald Epstein and Juan Antonio Montecino for Roosevelt Institute - A healthy financial system is one that channels finance to productive investment, helps families save for and finance big [...]

Financial Transaction Tax: Make Wall Street Work For Main St.

By Josh Bivens and Hunter Blair, -

By Josh Bivens and Hunter Blair for EPI - What this report finds: A well-designed financial transaction tax (FTT)—a small levy placed on the sale of stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other [...]

Founder Of Largest Black-Owned Bank: Racism Rampant

By Rob Wile, -

By Rob Wile for Fusion - The day before he was assassinated in Memphis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech urging black Americans to change where they kept their money. “I call upon you to [...]

After Murder Of Berta Cáceres European Financiers Stop Funding Dam Project

By Brian Salamanca, -

By Brian Salamanca for Friends Of The Earth - WASHINGTON D.C.- In an announcement today, FMO stated that it took the decision after a court in Honduras decided on May 8th to press charges against [...]

Corporations Killed Medicine. Here’s How To Take It Back.

By Fran Quigley, -

By Fran Quigley for Foreign Policy In Focus and The Nation - Along the path toward the creation of a global capitalist system, some of the most significant steps were taken by the English [...]

17 Of The Worst Corporate Crimes In 2015

By Phil Mattera for Dirt Diggers Digest. The ongoing corporate crime wave showed no signs of abating in 2015. BP paid a record $20 billion to settle the remaining civil charges relating to the [...]

Bank-Free, DIY Lending System Helps People Finance Themselves

By Liz Pleasant, -

By Liz Pleasant for YES! Magazine - A few years ago, Maral Kharadjian decided to join the women in her family—including her mother, sister, sister-in-law, aunts, and cousins—at their monthly [...]

The $9 Billion Witness: JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

By Matt Taibbi, -

In today's America, someone like Fleischmann – an honest person caught for a little while in the wrong place at the wrong time – has to be willing to live through an epic ordeal just to get to [...]

The American Bankers Association’s Quiet War On Students

By Devon Douglas-Bowers, -

In the present-day, the ABA is waging a quiet war on students by actively combating virtually any legislation that would ease their debt burden. With regards to being able to get rid of student [...]

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