Finland’s Public Childcare System Puts Britain To Shame

By Tatu Ahponen, Tribune Magazine. -

The autumn is a colourful time in Finland. The trees turn yellow and then red before the leaves fall. Neon pinks and yellows also appear—the reflective vests of toddlers and children venturing [...]

Two Year Study On Universal Basic Income Shows Success

A two-year basic income experiment was carried out in Finland in 2017-2018. The evaluation study is now available. The register data on employment now cover both years of the experiment and a [...]

What Does The New Finnish Government Say About The Country’s Commitment To Equality?

By Fanny Malinen, -

In December 2019, 34-year-old Sanna Marin from Finland’s Social Democratic Party became the world’s youngest head of state. Her centre-left government consists of five parties, all led by women, [...]

Finland Is Now Being Run By Five Parties — All Led By Women, All But One Of Them Under 35

By Anne Kauranen, -

HELSINKI— Thirty-four-year-old Social Democrat Sanna Marin took office in Finland on Tuesday as the world’s youngest serving prime minister, heading a coalition with four other parties led by [...]

Finland Ends Homelessness And Provides Shelter For All In Need

By Kathrin Glosel, -

In 2008 you could see tent villages and huts standing between trees in the parks of Helsinki. Homeless people had built makeshift homes in the middle of Finland’s capital city. They were exposed [...]

General Strike In Finland Saves Their Postal Service

By Brian Wakamo, -

Finland now has the youngest prime minister in the world, 34-year-old Sanna Marin. The Social Democrat was catapulted into power when her predecessor, Antti Rinne, was forced to resign after a [...]

World Happiness Report: US Drops In Rating, Finland Rated Number 1

By Staff, -

NEW YORK, March 20 – As in 2018, Finland again takes the top spot as the happiest country in the world according to three years of surveys taken by Gallup from 2016-2018. Rounding out the rest of [...]

Conservatives In Finland Are To The Left Of US Democrats

By Matt Bruenig,  -

My debate with Vartiainen was an interesting experience coming from the US. That a conservative Finnish MP agreed to debate an unknown socialist from America in an event organized by the [...]

Mass Protests Greet Trump As He Lands In Helsinki For Summit

By Staff, -

Demonstrators brandished banners that read "Make peace, not war", "Refugees are welcome" and "Make human rights great again!" About 2,500 protesters demonstrated in support of human rights, [...]

Lessons From Finland: Building Co-Operative Economy

By Ed Mayo, -

From Finland’s high-tech businesses through to an extensive network of regional co-ops that ensure that there are banks, stores and other services within two miles of residents throughout the [...]

Finland Tests Guaranteed Basic Income

By Ben Chapman, -

By Ben Chapman for Independent - Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional income for the last five months and some are already seeing the benefits, reporting decreased [...]

Holland To Finland To Scotland, Basic Income Could Be A Reality Across Europe

By Steve Rushton, -

By Steve Rushton for Occupy - Universal basic income is emerging as a realistic policy position across Europe. As we reported in late 2015, local authorities across the Netherlands are currently [...]

Universal Basic Income: Why Finland Is Giving Out Free Cash

By Althea Estrella, -

By Althea Estrella for The Vanguard - In an experiment aimed at establishing whether or not a universal basic income scheme would reap more benefits than disadvantages, Finland will be giving out [...]

What We Can Learn About Education From Finland

By Mitchell Robinson, -

By Mitchell Robinson for Badass Teacher Association - While the reformers claim to be all about using "data-driven-decision-making" and basing their policies on the results of research findings, [...]

Finland Will Pay Everyone In The Country $876 A Month

By Briana Madden, -

By Briana Madden for US Uncut - To fight poverty and boost its own economy, Finland is planning to issue a check for $876 to every citizen, every month. The concept is called basic income, and [...]

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