Tulalip Fishermen To Appear In Skagit Court Monday

By Hazen Graham Shopbell, Last Real Indians. -

I am a Tulalip Tribal member, Treaty fishermen, and elected member of the Tulalip Board of Directors. My Indian name from my father’s side is Wanbdi Wan Wanna Kinyan, which in English means [...]

Ottawa Implements Historic Fisheries Agreement With First Nations

By Rochelle Baker, National Observer. -

Years of negotiation to develop a collaborative fisheries governance model between Canada and eight First Nations along the West Coast came to fruition this week. Fisheries Minister Bernadette [...]

First Nation To Launch Lawsuits For Damages Against Fishers

By Michael Tutton, National Observer. -

Canada - A Mi'kmaq First Nation that encountered violence after it opened a self-regulated lobster fishery says it will launch a series of lawsuits against non-Indigenous fishers for alleged [...]

Mi’kmaq First Nations Coalition Takes Control Of Major Seafood Company

By Kaniehtonkie, Indian Time. -

In a joint statement released by Mi’kmaq Coalition and Premium Brands, the purchase of Clearwater Seafood is being called the single largest investment by Indigenous group. The Halifax-based [...]

A Corporate Megafishery Set The Stage For Violent Conflict In Mi’kma’ki

By Robin Tress, Canadians.org. -

Today across the country, people awoke to reeling images of violence and racism carried out against Mi’kmaq fishers. Many people are asking key questions such as why the RCMP has not pro-actively [...]

Fishermen Oppose ‘Catastrophic’ Release Of Fukushima Water To Ocean

By Reuters. -

Tokyo - Japanese fish industry representatives on Thursday urged the government not to allow the release at sea of tonnes of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, saying it would [...]

Trudeau Sets 2025 Deadline To Remove B.C. Fish Farms

By Jennifer Feinberg, Summerlandreview.com -

But that one promise provided a long-awaited positive sign for independent biologist Alexandra Morton, and Skwah First Nation elder Eddie Gardner, who have both been fighting for years to see [...]

Boycott Factory Farm Foods: But Don’t Forget The Fish

By Ronnie Cummins, Organicconsumers.org -

Factory farming and fish production are now a multi-trillion-dollar monster with a growing and devastating impact on public health, animal welfare, small farmers and farmworkers, rural and [...]

Fish Farm Protesters Continue Fight Against Industry

By Laurie Hamelin, Aptnnews.ca -

Molina Dawson and Karissa Glendale are vowing to continue their fight against the fish farm industry despite a British Columbia Supreme Court ruling that granted injunctions to two companies [...]

First Nations Occupy Fish Farms In British Columbia To Force Action

By Brandon Jordan, wagingnonviolence.org -

By Brandon Jordan for Waging Nonviolence - The sign outside the protest encampment on Midsummer Island in British Columbia, Canada, is a blunt summation of what its inhabitants — indigenous [...]

Original Peoples, Sovereignty, Industry, And Salmon

By Kim Petersen, www.ahtribune.com -

By Kim Petersen for American Herald Tribune - LAX KXEEN3 – In January, a two-day Salmon Nation Summit discussed the science behind a corporation’s bid to set up industry in salmon habitat, [...]

Ahousaht First Nations Continue Boat Blockade Against Cermaq

By West Coast Native News, www.westcoastnativenews.com -

By West Coast Native News - Members of a Vancouver Island First Nation are vowing to risk arrest rather than allow an international fish farming company to anchor an open-net salmon farm north of [...]

Study: Shellfish Face High Risk From Ocean Acidification

By Siri Srinivas, www.theguardian.com -

As oceans become more acidic, the US shellfish business is facing “high economic risk” in 15 out of 23 coastal states, according to a study published Monday in the Nature Climate Change journal. [...]