Coalition Of Water Protectors Call For Nestlé Boycott

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, -

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation. Mecosta, MI – Great Lakes water protector groups including U.S., Canadian, and Indigenous representatives united at the Water Is Life: Strengthening [...]

Nestlé Pays $200 A Year To Bottle Water Near Flint

By Jessica Glenzain, -

By Jessica Glenzain for The Guardian - While Flint battles a water crisis, just two hours away the beverage giant pumps almost 100,000 times what an average Michigan resident uses into plastic [...]

Flint Mom-Turned-Activist Describes City’s Disturbing Declining Health

By Mnar Muhawesh, -

By Mnar Muhawesh for Mint Press News - MINNEAPOLIS — For almost three years, the residents of Flint, Michigan, have had poison running through their pipes. The city’s water supply has been [...]

Activists: Charges In Flint Crisis Won’t Restore Faith In Government

By Auditi Guha, -

By Auditi Guha for Rewire - Karina Petri, founder of Project Flint, said grassroots organizations like hers are struggling to find a voice for residents who have given up, some of whom have gone [...]

Michigan Fights Order For Increased Water Delivery To Flint

By Lucy Tiven, -

By Lucy Tiven for ATTN - The order, which was issued last Thursday by U.S. District Judge David Lawson, demanded the state deliver four cases of bottled water per person every week to Flint [...]

Federal Judge Orders Water Delivery To Flint Residents

By Marsha Adebayo, -

By Marsha Adebayo for Black Agenda Report - Lead kills brain cells, but it took a federal judge to order that households in Flint, Michigan, be delivered four cases of bottled water to prevent [...]

As Flint Water Crisis “Emergency” Ends, Bigger Heads Need To Roll

By Michele Oberholtzer, -

By Michele Oberholtzer for Occupy - This week, the emergency is officially over following the Flint Water Crisis. One year ago, the city of Flint, Mich., joined the ranks of Sandy Hook, Ferguson [...]

Victory: Six More Charged In Flint Water Crisis

By John Wisely, -

By John Wisely for Detroit Free Press - Six more state employees were charged with crimes today for their roles in the Flint Water Crisis because of negligence and arrogance, Michigan Attorney [...]

Newsletter: Making Protest Personal; Take It To Their Homes

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Protests at homes of public officials and corporate CEOs is a common tactic used widely because it can be very effective. The response [...]

Flint The Stage Is Set For Riots

By Justin King, -

By Justin King for TFC - Flint, Michigan (TFC) – The United States has seen more than its fair share of riots over the last couple of years. Many like to see riots as spontaneous events that are [...]

Whistleblower Fired For Exposing Flint Mayor’s Plan To Take Water Donations

By Llowell Williams, -

By Llowell Williams for Care 2 - Every time the Flint, Mich., water crisis seems to have finally hit rock bottom, a new development tosses that assumption out the window. A lawsuit filed this [...]

Flint Chess Game: The Politics Of The Battlefield

By Dr. Marsha Coleman Adebayo, -

By Dr. Marsha Coleman Adebayo for Black Agenda Report - The game of chess is a complicated game employing zero sum, competitive Machiavellian strategies to protect key political or military [...]

Police Monitoring Social Media For Criticism Of Flint Water Crisis

By Claire Bernish, -

By Claire Bernish for The Free Thought Project - After needlessly contaminating Flint’s water supply with lead, a new report reveals the government now monitors social media for hints subversive [...]

Flint Is About How We Treat The Poor

By Leonard Pitts, Jr., -

By Leonard Pitts, Jr for the Miami Herald. To be white in America is to have been sold a bill of goods that there exists between you and people of color a gap of morality, behavior, intelligence [...]

BREAKING: Criminal Charges For 3 Over Flint Water Crisis Is “Only the Beginning”

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

By Alexandra Jacobo for Nation of Change - The three being charged are Mike Glasgow, Flint’s laboratory and water quality supervisor; Michael Prysby, an employee with the Michigan Department of [...]

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