Two Thousand Toxic Superfund Sites At Risk From Coastal Flooding

By The Union of Concerned Scientists. -

About 2,000 official and potential Superfund sites—sites contaminated by extremely hazardous chemicals—are located within 25 miles of the East or Gulf Coast. As sea levels rise, many of these [...]

Where United States’ Climate Migrants Will Go As Sea Level Rises

By Linda Poon, City Lab. -

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept through Louisiana in 2005, cities like Houston, Dallas, and Baton Rouge took in hundreds of thousands of displaced residents—many of whom eventually stayed [...]

Scientists’ Advice To People Living In Coastal Areas? Move.

By Dahr Jamail, Truthout -

The signs are ever with us. In particular, in the past month, scientists have warned that it appears as though the Greenland Ice Sheet has experienced a record melt year. This year alone, it lost [...]

Worse US Atlantic Floods Need Planned Retreat

By Tim Radford, -

LONDON, 3 September, 2019 − What are now considered once-in-a-hundred-years floods are on the increase in the US. Later this century, they could happen to northern coastal states every year. And [...]

The Great Flood

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig. -

How many times will we rebuild Florida’s cities, Houston, coastal New Jersey, New Orleans and other population centers ravaged by storms lethally intensified by global warming? At what point, [...]

U.S. Ties Record For Number Of High Tide Flooding Days In 2018

By Staff, -

July 10, 2019Coastal communities across the U.S. continued to see increased high tide flooding last year, forcing their residents and visitors to deal with flooded shorelines, streets and [...]

According To NYT, ‘Relentless Flooding’ In Midwest Just Happens

By Joshua Cho, -

The New York Times’ 2,400+ word report (6/3/19) by Julie Bosman, Julie Turkewitz and Timothy Williams on the historic flooding in the Midwest—amidst the wettest 12 months ever since recording [...]

The Iran Floods and U. S. Sanctions

By Jan Oberg, Counterpunch. -

You have certainly not heard much about this in the West. And it didn’t get a fraction of the media attention (and none of the hundreds of millions of Euro pledges by the perversely rich) that [...]

Why The World Is Not Sending Aid To Iran, Devastated By Floods

By Staff, -

Two weeks into devastating floods that have caused tremendous losses and damages across Iran, there is still no report about other countries extending help. The United States, a usual volunteer [...]

Mozambique Floods Cover More Ground Than NYC, Chicago, D.C. & Boston — Combined

By Eric Holthaus, Grist -

Post-flood satellite images of Mozambique show that Cyclone Idai submerged about 835 square miles of homes and fields — an area larger than New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Boston [...]

62 Million People Impacted By Extreme Climate Weather In 2018

By Staff, World Meteorological Organization -

The WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2018, its 25th anniversary edition, highlights record sea level rise, as well as exceptionally high land and ocean temperatures over the [...]

Farmers In Midwest Face Decades Of Recovery As Flooding Strips Away Crucial Soil

By Brian Kahn, Earther -

The Midwest floods continue to be a slow-moving disaster. Towns, farms, and infrastructure are still underwater in Nebraska, and water will take months to work through the vast network of rivers, [...]