Public Housing To Be Demolished In Tampa For New Development

By Hailey Ostwalt, Liberation News. -

Robles Park Village is a 433-unit public housing complex in Tampa Heights, Florida, near Ybor City. After months of inspections, city officials found that a small portion of this community was [...]

In Florida, Protesting Can Cost You Your Right To Vote

By Sierra Lyons, Scalawag Magazine. -

Delilah Pierre first got involved with the Tallahassee Community Action Committee (TCAC) in 2019, during a campaign to stop the capital city from building a new police headquarters in the same [...]

The Buried Documents That Linked The Infamous Cult To The CIA

By Elizabeth Vos, Mintpress News. -

Washington - Concerning the Finders cult — the elusive Washington, D.C.-based outfit whose antics and ties we began examining in Part 1 of this series — one set of documents in particular held [...]

As Floods Become More Frequent, Climate Change Threatens Seminole Tribe

By Valerie Vande Panne, Native News Online. -

Valholly Frank is 18 years old. She grew up in South Florida, spending her time between the Big Cypress Reservation, one of the six reservations of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and Weston in [...]

Governor DeSantis Signs Unprecedented Anti-Protest And Anti-Public Safety Law

By The Black Collective. -

Tallahassee, Fla. - This morning, just days after the Republican-led Florida Senate voted to pass an unprecedented, costly and racially charged bill (House Bill 1) to censor protest, preempt [...]

The Real Threat To Free Speech? Florida’s Courts

By Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. -

Gov. Ron DeSantis and some other Florida Republicans are worked up over a perceived threat to the freedom of speech of politicians, but they’re ignoring a more significant threat to the public’s [...]

Florida Teachers Face Setback In Fight For Safe Schools

By Ari Odzer, NBC Miami. -

The Broward Teachers Union’s fight to secure work-from-home orders for about 1,100 teachers seems to have ended with an arbitrator’s decision. The BTU filed a lawsuit against Broward County [...]

UF Students Announce Boycott Against Aramark

By Juliana Ferrie, -

Four organizations are taking a stand against UF’s official food service provider to protest its use of prison labor.  The Gainesville Chapter of the Dream Defenders, UF NAACP, the UF Black [...]

Arrest Warrant Issued For Ex-Florida Data Analyst Rebekah Jones

By Josh Fiallo, -

The state has issued an arrest warrant for ex-Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones. Jones announced Saturday on Twitter that she learned of the warrant and plans to turn herself in on Sunday. [...]

Stop Government Attack On COVID-19 Whistleblower

By Socialist Equality Party, -

Florida state police barged into Jones’ home Monday with guns aimed at her and her family. They seized her phone, computer and several hard drives, preventing her from continuing to publish data [...]

Ocean Seismic Blasting Halted

By Abigail Mercer, Daytona Beach News Journal. -

Florida - After years of advocacy and legal back-and-forth, environmental conservation groups are celebrating a victory: The government will prohibit the use of sonic blasts in the ocean this [...]

BLM Activists Hospitalized After Police Kneel On Her Neck

By Khaleda Rahman, MSN. -

Protesters said Jae Passmore had been leaving a demonstration in downtown Tampa on Wednesday night when she was detained by police, The Tampa Bay Times reported. In on video shared on [...]

Supreme Court Stopped One Million Floridians From Voting In November

By Mark Joseph Stern, Slate. -

The Supreme Court all but guaranteed that nearly 1 million Floridians will be unable to vote in the 2020 election because of unpaid court debts in a shattering order handed down on Thursday. Its [...]

Live And Let Die: The Data Manipulation Begins

By Marcy Wheeler, Emptywheel. -

Now that Trump has fully committed to reopening the economy before the shut down has its desired effect, he and allied governors are engaged in more aggressive data manipulation to hide the [...]

Court: Florida Can’t Bar Felons From Vote Over Fines, Fees

By Bobby Caina Calvan and Curt Anderson, AP News. -

Tallahassee, FL  — Florida cannot, for now, bar felons who served their time from registering to vote simply because they have failed to pay all fines and fees stemming from their cases, a [...]

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