War And Warming

By Nathan Albright, VCNV.org. -

On June 5, 2019, senior intelligence analyst Rod Schoonover spoke before a House Intelligence hearing on National Security and Climate Change. “The Earth’s climate is unequivocally undergoing a [...]

When Will We Start Applying The Precautionary Principle To Chemicals Killing Our Kids?

By Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers. -

The first car my parents carted me and my siblings around in, in the 1950s, didn’t have seatbelts. Not one of us was ever strapped into a car seat. No kid I knew donned a helmet before hopping on [...]

Earth Day: Conflict Over The Future Of The Planet

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

On this Earth Day, it is difficult to look at the state of the planet and the current political leadership and see much hope. In "Junk Planet", Robert Burrowes writes a comprehensive description [...]

Farming For The Health Of People And The Planet

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

Our current food system has a large negative impact on the climate crisis and our health. Factory farms produce large amounts of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), pollute the land, air and water and [...]

Rebuilding The World: An Interview with Lester Brown

By Amitabh Pal, www.progressive.org -

By Amitabh Pal for the Progressive. The two big issues we are facing are climate change and water shortages. Water shortages are more imminent. They’re here now. We suddenly look around and [...]

Project Censored 2015: Top Ten News Stories The Media Ignored

By Tim Redmond for Cascadia Weekly. As Project Censored staffers Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth note, 90 percent of U.S. news media—the traditional outlets that employ full-time reporters—are [...]

Activists Blockade Using Giant Replica Of Pope’s Encyclical

By Sandra Steingraber, www.wearesenecalake.com -

By Sandra Steingraber of We Are Seneca Lake. Watkins Glen, NY – In an act of civil disobedience against gas storage in Seneca Lake salt caverns, 13 Finger Lakes residents, led by local members of [...]

Build Underground Greenhouse For Year-Round Gardening

By Kimberley Mok, www.treehugger.com -

Growers in colder climates often utilize various approaches to extend the growing season or to give their crops a boost, whether it's coldframes, hoop houses or greenhouses. Greenhouses are [...]

Steingraber: Who Will Come For The Lawbreakers Inside?

By Sandra Steingraber, www.steingraber.com -

Sixteen We Are Seneca Lake protesters will face charges tonight—some at 5 pm and some at 7 pm—for peaceful acts of civil disobedience in the form of trespassing at the gates of Crestwood. I am [...]

‘Unreasonable’ Women For The Planet, Peace, And Justice

Medea Benjamin, the co-founder of Code Pink, sits down with Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV on the eve of the largest Climate march in history to discuss the climate justice. “”If you care [...]

Corporations Causing Climate Change Should Be Taken Over

The richest 1% own the two major parties. It's time working people had one of our own. That's why I'm running for Governor. My name is Howie Hawkins. I'm a working Teamster and my running [...]

Week Of Actions For Climate Justice In Appalachia

By Dana Kuhnline, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

While much of the national climate movement has focused on gearing up towards the People’s Climate March in New York City later this month, frontline communities in Appalachia have been working [...]

Oil Before Food: As Oil Trains Roll, Food Rots

By Ron Nixon, www.nytimes.com -

The furious pace of energy exploration in North Dakota is creating a crisis for farmers whose grain shipments have been held up by a vast new movement of oil by rail, leading to millions of [...]

Is Hamas Rhetoric A Natural Outgrowth of Israel’s Genocide?

By Dennis Trainor Jr, www.PopularResistance.org -

According to Kash Nikazmrad of Students for Justice in Palestine, one should view passages from the Hamas charter like the one above as hyperbolic political rhetoric meant to stoke a political [...]

Indigenous Peoples Hold Sustainable Solutions To Environmental Crises

By Antonella Cordone, www.trust.org -

I first met Victoria Tauli-Corpuz 11 years ago in Rome. An indigenous Filipina activist, Vicky was attending a meeting on indigenous peoples' rights at the International Fund for Agricultural [...]