Big Banks Make A Dangerous Bet On The World’s Growing Demand For Food

By Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News. -

As global banking giants and investment firms vow to divest from polluting energy companies, they’re continuing to bankroll another major driver of the climate crisis: food and farming [...]

Capitalist Economies Overproduce Food

By Robert R. Raymond, Truthout. -

The unprecedented pandemic, and the recession it has caused, has led to a sharp increase in food insecurity in the United States. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough food to go around, but [...]

Add Atmospheric Drying To Climate Change Toll

By Max Martin, Toronto Star. -

Drier air brought on by climate change could put a dent in crop yields, triggering smaller and slower-growing plants, a new study says. “Globally, the atmosphere is drying as the climate warms [...]

‘This Is Hell’: UN Food Chief Visits Yemen

By Dave DeCamp, -

The head of the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) visited Yemen and described the conditions he saw in the country to reporters as “hell.” His visit comes as the UN is warning 400,000 Yemeni children [...]

The Next Neocolonial Gold Rush?

By Stacy Malkan, US Right to Know. -

Planning documents for the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit shed new light on the agenda behind the controversial food summit that hundreds of farmers’ and human rights groups are [...]

Given Recent Innovations, Maybe We Don’t Need To Eat Or Use Animals At All

By Matt Johnson, DesMoines Register. -

I’m currently facing a felony prosecution in Wright County after exposing Iowa Select Farms killing thousands of pigs via “ventilation shutdown," which involves shutting down a building’s vents [...]

Food Not Bombs displaced from Santa Cruz lot

By Jessica A. York, Santa Cruz Sentinel. -

Santa Cruz, CA - An activist group on the brink of celebrating a consecutive year of coronavirus pandemic-era free meal service was summarily ejected from a private downtown parking lot [...]

Hunts Point Produce Workers Continue Their Strike

By David Cruz, -

Bronx, New York - Essential workers who distribute 60% of the city's fruits and vegetables to supermarkets and restaurants have entered day three of a work strike—the first in 35 years–at Hunts [...]

Organizations Diverting Food Waste To Provide Meals For People In Need

By Amy Martin, Food Tank. -

One-third of the world's food is wasted, according to the United Nations (UN). That number jumps to 40 percent in the United States—enough to feed 2 billion people. Uneaten food has dire [...]

Inmate Kitchen Workers Forced To Serve Expired Meat In Prison

By Jimmy Jenkins, KJZZ. -

Arizona - Incarcerated people who work in the kitchens at the Eyman, Lewis and Yuma state prisons claim they were forced to serve expired meat to their fellow inmates, resulting in foodborne [...]

How Much Would It Cost Consumers To Give Farmworkers A Significant Raise?

By Daniel Costa and Philip Martin, Economic Policy Institute. -

The increased media coverage of the plight of the more than 2 million farmworkers who pick and help produce our food—and whom the Trump administration has deemed to be “essential” workers for the [...]

Lobster Pound Used By Mi’kmaw Destroyed By Fire

By Brent Patterson, PBI Canada. -

Nova Scotia, Canada - Early this morning, a fire destroyed a lobster pound (building/facility) used by Mi’kmaw fishers in the fishing village of Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. Global News [...]

Agribusiness Interests Hijack 2021 UN Food Systems Summit

By Anuradha Mittal, In Depth News. -

Oakland, CA -This World Food Day (October 16) amidst the ongoing pandemic and the devastating impact of the climate crisis, a Food Systems Summit is being planned a year from now by the United [...]

First Nation Chief Fears For His People After Attacks On Mi’kmaw

By CBC Radio. -

Sipekne'katik First Nation Chief Mike Sack says he worries someone will get hurt or worse after hundreds of commercial fisherman stormed two Mi'kmaw lobster facilities on Tuesday. During a [...]

Fishermen Oppose ‘Catastrophic’ Release Of Fukushima Water To Ocean

By Reuters. -

Tokyo - Japanese fish industry representatives on Thursday urged the government not to allow the release at sea of tonnes of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, saying it would [...]