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Forced Labor

Inmates Challenge Motion To Dismiss In Alabama Forced Labor Federal Lawsuit

Incarcerated individuals in Alabama have filed a 214-page response  opposing a motion to dismiss their lawsuit accusing state prisons of using slave labor. The case involves multiple claims against state officials, private employers and local governments  alleging Alabama’s prison labor program system is a form of modern-day slavery. Each defendant filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that counsel for plaintiffs did not state a legal claim in the lawsuit. “Despite Defendants’ strenuous efforts to dispute Plaintiffs’ well-founded allegations—a strategy that cannot justify dismissal of Plaintiffs’ claims at this juncture...

Number Of Victims And Illegal Profits From Forced Labor Has Increased

A new study conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) claims that both the number of people engaged in some kind of forced labor and illegal profits incurred from that have increased dramatically in the last decade. ILO claims that forced labor in the private economy generates over $236 billion annually in illegal profits which is USD 64 billion (37%) more than USD 172 billion a decade ago. Forced labor is defined as all kinds of “work that is both involuntary and under penalty or menace of penalty (coercion)” extracted by an individual, private player or a state. It is also closely linked to human trafficking across international borders and is called “modern day slavery” by the ILO.
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