New York To Pass Nation’s Strongest Eviction Ban

By Julia Conley, Commondreams. -

Both the state Senate and state Assembly convened remotely Monday for special sessions to pass the legislation, a day after President Donald Trump signed the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill [...]

United States: 30% Didn’t Make Their Housing Payment In June

By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge. -

A stunning 30% of Americans didn't make their housing payment for June - a figure that is likely going to ripple through the housing industry in coming months. According to a new survey [...]

Jury Awards $5 Million For Home Foreclosure, Gov’t Let Banks Off Easy

By David Dayen, -

By David Dayen for The Intercept - A Texas jury’s recent decision to award over $5 million in damages and fees for the fraudulent foreclosure of a single home suggests that the big banks could [...]

Why A Not So Public Home Auction Could Devastate Detroit

By Michele Oberholtzer, -

By Michele Oberholtzer for Occupy - It’s Ebay on a city scale this fall in Detroit, with 25,000 properties up for sale starting Tuesday, Oct. 5 in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction. The [...]

Fighting Against Foreclosure Fraud & Courts’ Abuse Of Power

By Senka Huskic, -

By Senka Huskic in Occupy - Our Constitution contemplates a federal system of governing where states share in power that limits the federal government’s powers. Those powers which are not given [...]

Foreclosure Victims Occupy Senate Stump Speech Of Kamala Harris

By Occupy Fights Foreclosure, -

Homeowners frustrated at being denied a meeting with California Attorney General Kamala Harris for over four years attended this weekend’s California Democrats State Convention at the Anaheim [...]

A Small Business Homeowner Fights Wells Fargo’s Fraud

By Senka Huskic, -

Los Angeles, CA - The way the mainstream media writes about foreclosure these days gives the uninformed reader the impression that the crisis is over and our country won that unfortunate uphill [...]

Obama’s Foreclosure Program Designed To Help Bankers

By David Dayen, -

President Obama will carry several legacies into his final two years in office: a long-sought health care reform, a fiscal stimulus that limited the impact of the Great Recession, a rapid civil [...]

‘Unstoppable’ Homeowners Fight Foreclosure Fraud In Los Angeles

By Senka Huskic, -

Another group is blooming – one that is refusing to remain silent, refusing to helplessly watch what is happening to families around the country, and to our country as a whole. From this group I [...]

Exposed: Tax Evictions Could Displace 20,000

By Michele Obelholtzer, -

On Monday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes made a landmark decision to authorize continued water shutoffs for unpaid water bills, leaving thousands of Detroiters without access to water. At [...]

Stopping Foreclosure – New Lamps For Old

By Dave Petrovich, -

Once upon a time, financing the purchase of a home with a mortgage loan, compared to today, was much simpler. After saving the customary 20% down payment, the borrower would meet with the local [...]

Homeowners Still At Risk Of Foreclosure Demand Action

By Peter Dreier, -

The Occupy movement started on Wall Street and now its sibling, the grassroots movement to restore community wealth, has come to New York City. On Wednesday, a broad coalition of community [...]

Protestors Occupy Vacant House, Rally For Housing

By Claire McNeill, -

The hardest part of battling eviction is the not knowing, Lavette Sealls said. “You’re always living on edge because you know eventually you might have to move,” she said. “You go on fighting [...]

‘Can’t Afford, Can’t Wait’ Rise Of Renter Nation

By The People’s Coalition for Equality + Justice, -

Housing is a human right, but affordable housing nationally, is in short supply. There is a gentrification, displacement, and affordability crisis across America. Cincinnati author Alice Skirtz [...]