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Foreign Intervention

US-Appointed Haitian Council Calls For Foreign Military Intervention

The nine members of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT), the new traitors to the Nation, are already at work. Working under the diktat of the American colonial administration, they have just committed another act of offense against the country by writing to Kenyan President William Ruto on Monday May 6 to demand the deployment of foreign forces that the Western powers in agreement with the UN Security Council have named their project to better sell: Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti. However, preparations to sully and defile Haitian territory for the umpteenth time by Westerners are well underway.

US-China Rivalry Riles Tiny Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands will continue its security pact and economic ties with China after the election of Jeremiah Manele as the country’s new prime minister.   Manele, a former foreign minister in Manasseh Sogavare’s outgoing government, needed the support of independent MPs to form a government after his Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party surprised many by losing its outright majority. It took 15 seats in the April 17 election, down from 37 at the last election. Western pundits have cast the new leader as a less “divisive” figure than his “pro-China” predecessor, but many see Manele facing the same difficulties as Sogavare, with the U.S. and its sub-imperial, regional allies squaring up to Beijing to try to contain its rising power.

MOLEGHAF Denounces The US’ ‘Accord For Peaceful Orderly Transition’

Once again, organizations and political parties, intertwined with the civil society above them, disrespectful of the masses, plunge Haiti into an abyss without bottom, bearing the name, POLITICAL AGREEMENT FOR A PEACEFUL AND ORDERLY TRANSITION. After more than 13 years of domination and exploitation of the neo-duvalierist PHTK political regime, and US imperialism, CARICOM has taken on the role of intermediary, renewing power for these criminal parties and organizations. It offers them all possible privileges and advantages to continue making the children of Haiti suffer more under their yoke and tribulations.

US Subversion Attempts Against Cuba During 2023

At the beginning of 2023, the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Havana, Benjamin Ziff, said in an interview with The Associated Press that “it was difficult to go back” in normalizing relation with Cuba. This statement embodied the current position of the White House towards Cuba, and shut down any possibility of concrete action in favor of an improvement in the ties between the two countries, including something akin to the timid rapprochement that took place during the Obama administration. In truth, during the course of the year, very little progress was made in this direction. On the contrary, the Biden administration holds the record of being the most efficient and dedicated in enforcing sanctions against Cuba.

Haiti Is The Victim Of Orchestrated Chaos

Haiti was once self-sufficient in grain production. In the early 1970s, it produced almost 100% of what it needed. Five decades later, the country buys 82% of the rice its population consumes from the United States. The causes are the structural adjustment policies imposed on the country, which encourage imports and prevent the state from financing the peasant economy. Among the consequences is unemployment, which today affects 70% of the population. This is the assessment of Haitian scholar Camille Chalmers, leader of the Rasin Kan Pèp la (Socialist Regroupment for a New National Initiative) party. According to him, Haiti is the victim of “chaos orchestrated by imperialist organizations” that want to continue to pursue their commercial interests.

NATO Destroyed Libya In 2011; Storm Daniel Came To Sweep Up The Remains

Three days before the Abu Mansur and Al Bilad dams collapsed in Wadi Derna, Libya, on the night of September 10, the poet Mustafa al-Trabelsi participated in a discussion at the Derna House of Culture about the neglect of basic infrastructure in his city. At the meeting, al-Trabelsi warned about the poor condition of the dams. As he wrote on Facebook that same day, over the past decade his beloved city has been ‘exposed to whipping and bombing, and then it was enclosed by a wall that had no door, leaving it shrouded in fear and depression’. Then, Storm Daniel picked up off the Mediterranean coast, dragged itself into Libya, and broke the dams. CCTV camera footage in the city’s Maghar neighbourhood showed the rapid advance of the floodwaters, powerful enough to destroy buildings and crush lives. A reported 70% of infrastructure and 95% of educational institutions have been damaged in the flood-affected areas. As of Wednesday 20 September, an estimated 4,000 to 11,000 people have died in the flood – among them the poet Mustafa al-Trabelsi, whose warnings over the years went unheeded – and another 10,000 are missing.

Israel Is Influencing Prosecution Of Palestine Action Court Cases

As reported in the Guardian today, correspondence disclosed by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) shows the Israeli Embassy in London attempting to exert diplomatic influence on the prosecution of Palestine Action activists. The disclosures, made under the Freedom of Information Act, show correspondence between the Director General of the Attorney General’s Office, Doug Wilson, with representatives of the Israeli Embassy in London, over the period May 2022 to February 2023. While most of these representatives have their names redacted, we know that one is Oren Marmorstein, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to the UK.

Documents Show Taiwan Working With FBI To Prosecute Chinese Americans

Vice President Lai’s journey to the United States is, officially, only a stopover on his way to Paraguay (the U.S. does not formally recognize Taiwan as an independent state). He is scheduled to make appearances in both New York and San Francisco. Lai himself is an outspoken leader of the growing movement for Taiwanese independence. Many nationalists see Taiwan as culturally different from the mainland and argue it would be better off as a fully independent state. To achieve this goal, they are attempting to gain American backing and influence American public opinion. China, however, sees the matter as purely internal, and American attempts to wrest Taiwan out of its orbit as a potential trigger for World War Three.

Arab Leaders: Foreign Interference In Arab World Must Come To An End

At the conclusion of the 32nd annual Arab League summit hosted by Saudi Arabia on 19 May, the regional bloc issued a joint declaration calling for an end to foreign interference in the region and reaffirming their support for Palestinian liberation. “We call for stopping foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Arab countries and categorically reject all support for the formation of armed groups and militias outside the scope of state institutions,” the joint statement reads. It also stressed that the Israeli occupation of Palestine remains “one of the key factors of stability in the region” and condemns “in the strongest terms the practices and violations targeting Palestinians in their lives, property and existence” while calling for the formation of a sovereign Palestinian state “on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Escaping Debt Slavery: Ethiopia, Africa, And The IMF

Washington is well aware that the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) tried to regain power militarily and failed. The TPLF has essentially been Washington's proxy in the region. This was a two-year war, and in war, unfortunately, atrocities are committed, but most of the documentation that I have seen places the atrocities on the TPLF side of the fence, and they have been, quite frankly, horrific. Having failed to overthrow the Abiy government and bring the TPLF to power, the United States tried to control the outcome diplomatically, through the Pretoria peace agreement, which Washington orchestrated from the sidelines to save the TPLF from complete defeat. The pressure that is being put on them through this IMF agreement is an example of that.

Haiti Mobilizes For Sovereignty And Against Imperialist Intervention

A new wave of protests broke out in Haiti on October 10 after acting President Ariel Henry called for foreign military intervention. Hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti have been protesting against the government for several weeks because of the ongoing humanitarian crisis. One of their demands is the resignation of the unelected president. Activist and journalist Jackson Jean spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the current situation in the country and the history of crises caused by foreign military interventions.

Haiti: On Interventions And Occupations

The first calls for foreign intervention into Haiti came soon after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in Port-au-Prince on July 7th. Intervention was  justified by the claim that Moïse’s death had created a vacuum of political leadership and authority that would push Haiti into a maelstrom of chaos and anarchy -- into what the Guardian announced as a “violent new era.” Only intervention, led by the US and supported by its international partners, could save the troubled republic from an inevitable crisis. By all accounts, the press projections of Haiti falling to barbarism after the assassination has not happened. But the calls for foreign intervention have continued. These calls have ignored two important and consequential facts. First, previous foriegn interventions have been unmitigated disasters.
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