With Passage Of NAFTA 2.0, Congress Boosts Fossil Fuel Polluters, Particularly In Mexico

By Manuel Perez-Rocha, Inequality.org -

NAFTA 2.0 cleared another hurdle on January 16 as the U.S. Senate approved the trade deal with bipartisan support. Officially called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the pact [...]

Nearly All Americans Want To Get Off Fossil Fuels

By Basav Sen, Otherwords.org -

Late last year, The Washington Post reported a remarkable poll finding: Nearly half of American adults — 46 percent — believe the U.S. needs to “drastically reduce” fossil fuel use in the near [...]

Climate Movement Takes Aim At Wall Street, Because ‘Money Is Only Language Fossil Fuel Industry Speaks’

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams.org -

Organized by a coalition of climate, youth, and Indigenous groups, Stop the Money Pipeline will officially launch Friday at the final event in a weekly civil disobedience series that actor and [...]

Arctic Drilling Ruling Brings Hope To Native Villages, Subsistence Hunters

By Sabrina Shankman, Insideclimatenews.org -

If there is one place that has most felt the Trump administration's push to rapidly expand fossil fuel development, it might be Nuiqsut, a small village nestled on Alaska's North Slope. The [...]

Fossil Fuel Producers Should Pay For Australia’s Fires

By Staff, Yubanet.com -

January 6, 2020 – The Australia Institute has welcomed the Government’s $2 billion bushfire recovery fund announcement, but has questioned why regular Australian taxpayers are being asked to pay [...]

Members Of Congress Own Up To $93 Million In Fossil Fuel Stocks

By Alex Kotch, Truthout.org -

Climate scientists predict climate change will have catastrophic effects in the coming decades if drastic action to reverse it is not taken immediately. Some members of Congress, including Green [...]

New Frontline In Campaign Against Fossil Fuels: Local Bans On Oil & Gas Infrastructure

By Chris D'Angelo, Huffpost.com -

Late last month, the Boston suburb of Brookline became the first East Coast city to ban oil and natural gas infrastructure in new construction projects. The bylaw, which the town’s legislative [...]

Natural Gas Rush Drives A Global Rise In Fossil Fuel Emissions

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Insideclimatenews.org -

A surge in natural gas has helped drive down coal burning across the United States and Europe, but it isn't displacing other fossil fuels on a global scale. Instead, booming gas use is fueling [...]

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Punishing Pipeline And Other Fossil Fuel Protests

By Jacob Crosse, Wsws.org -

Wisconsin’s Democratic governor Tony Evers, ignoring opposition from environmental groups, the American Civil Liberties Union and multiple Tribal Nations, last week signed into law Assembly Bill [...]

Historic Protest At Harvard-Yale Football Game Was Years In The Making

By Emily Pontecorvo, Grist. -

Saturday marked the 136th annual Harvard-Yale football game, a tradition known simply as “The Game” by students and alumni of the rival Ivy League schools. Tens of thousands of people flocked to [...]

Court Decision Against BLM For Ignoring Climate Impact Results In Suspended Oil & Gas Leases

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Insideclimatenews.org -

The Trump administration's relentless push to expand fossil fuel production on federal lands is hitting a new snag: its own refusal to consider the climate impacts of development. The federal [...]

World’s Largest Bank Ends Fossil Fuel Financing

By Alexandra Jacobo, Nationofchange.org -

The bank's decision to end all financing of oil, gas, and coal projects after 2021 will make it the first multilateral lender to rule out financing for projects that contribute to the climate [...]

How The Fossil Fuel Industry Undermined Climate Science

By Naomi Oreske, Tomdispatch.com -

Scientists have been seriously investigating the subject of human-made climate change since the late 1950s and political leaders have been discussing it for nearly as long. In 1961, Alvin [...]

‘No More Fossil Lovers!’, BXE Disrupts Hearing For New FERC Commissioner

By Beyond Extreme Energy, Popular Resistance. -

Washington, DC - Members of Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) spoke out at the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing for James Danly, who was nominated by President Trump to be the [...]

Natural Gas Vs. Renewable Energy: Beware The Latest Gas Industry Talking Points

By Derrick Z. Jackson, Blog.ucsusa.org -

The campaign is loaded with disinformation. The American Petroleum Institute (API) says it’s pushing gas as a “foundation for the future” because it is “clean.” Major fossil fuel companies [...]