Organizing For Environmental Justice

By Alex Gordon, Coalfield Justice. -

Young people have been paramount to just about every successful social movement in this country, with the Climate Movement, and the revolt against oil and gas being no exceptions. Regardless, we [...]

North Brooklyn Demands Halt To Fracked Gas Pipeline Construction

By Erik McGregor. -

Brooklyn, NY – National Grid resumed the North Brooklyn “MRI” Pipeline construction by allegedly authorizing themselves to continue, despite the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extension [...]

Faith Groups In 14 Countries Divest From Fossil Fuels

By Brian Roewe, Earthbeat. -

More than 40 faith institutions committed to divest their finances from fossil fuels while at the same time calling for the post-pandemic economic recovery to shift the world toward a low-carbon [...]

Grassroots Activists Defeat Controversial Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline In New York Harbor

By Lee Ziesche and Robert Wood, Sane Energy Project. -

The victory over the pipeline is a momentous one for New Yorkers and demonstrates the unequivocal power of grassroots climate activism in the state, which outmuscled every corporate effort to [...]

Water Protectors Make Minnesota’s Line 3 Pipeline The Next Target Of Resistance

By Stellan Vinthagen, Waging Nonviolence. -

The fight for self-governance on White Earth: The Line 3 pipeline will bring tar sands oil — the worst kind of dirty fossil fuel — from Canada through the United States. It will pass through over [...]

New Report Reveals Big Oil’s COVID Lobby Bonanza

By Friends of the Earth. -

Big Oil is wasting no time exploiting the coronavirus for profit. Polluters fought hard for kickbacks in the first coronavirus stimulus package and they are undoubtedly up to it again. As Trump [...]

Under Pressure, JP Morgan Chase Demotes Former Exxon CEO

By Jamie Henn, Stop the Money Pipeline. -

New York, NY — Bowing to pressure from climate and shareholder activists, JP Morgan Chase will be demoting former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond from his Lead Independent Director position on the bank’s [...]

How Militarism Fuels The Climate Crisis And Vice Versa

By Lorah Steichen and Lindsay Koshgarian, the Institute for Policy Studies. -

In a strange twist, it has taken a global pandemic to significantly reduce the world’s fossil fuel emissions. The COVID-19 pandemic has utterly changed life as we know it — but it’s also laid [...]

Covid-19’s Viral Lessons For Climate Heating

By Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network. -

London − There are some glimmers of hope discernible in the loss, confusion, and misery that’s spreading worldwide, and one is that Covid-19’s viral lessons could help to equip us all to tackle [...]

What Planet Are We On?

By Michael Klare, Tom Dispatch. -

In case you hadn’t noticed, the exploding coronavirus pandemic (we’re #1!) has taken a tad of our attention lately and the definition of “the future” has largely become: When will this be [...]

The Climate Movement Has Gained Unprecedented Momentum Since 2018

By Sharon Zhang, -

The climate movement has started gaining momentum, and the oil and gas industry is getting scared. Fossil fuel companies have been ramping up their ad buying, placing loads of ads on social [...]

Tropical Forests May Be Heating Earth By 2035

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network. -

London – Within about fifteen years, the great tropical forests of Amazonia and Africa could stop absorbing atmospheric carbon, and slowly start to release more carbon than growing trees can [...]

A New Generation Of Climate Activists Is Reviving Fossil Fuel Divestment

By Nick Engelfried, Waging Nonviolence. -

A wave of student-led actions swept across the campuses of around 60 U.S. and Canadian schools last month, as students turned to sit-ins, walkouts and banner drops to pressure universities into [...]

Extinction Rebellion Tots Take Down BP

By Jess Glass, The Ecologist. -

London - Children and families have held a die-in at the Science Museum in an Extinction Rebellion protest against air pollution. Protesters, including children as young as two, staged the [...]