Governor DeSantis Signs Unprecedented Anti-Protest And Anti-Public Safety Law

By The Black Collective. -

Tallahassee, Fla. - This morning, just days after the Republican-led Florida Senate voted to pass an unprecedented, costly and racially charged bill (House Bill 1) to censor protest, preempt [...]

The Right To Protest Wasn’t Given – It Was Won

By Apsana Begum, Tribune Magazine. -

United Kingdom - Over the last few weeks, the brutal policing of protests in Bristol has been profoundly disturbing. The right to peaceful assembly and protest are fundamental principles of any [...]

Teen Who Organized BLM Rally Billed $2500 For Police Overtime

A teen who organized a Black Lives Matter rally in her northern New Jersey town said she has been sent a $2500 bill from officials for police overtime. NJ Advance Media reported Friday Emily [...]

The Militarized Assault On Our Right To Protest

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The Trump Administration sent federal law enforcement, including the paramilitary squad of Customs and Border Patrol, BORTAC, which has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, to the streets of [...]

Federal Agents Use Tear Gas To Clear Portland Protest

By Gillian Flaccus and Sarah Cline, AP News. -

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, into the early hours of Saturday shooting fireworks at the building as plumes of tear gas, dispensed by U.S. [...]

This Legislation Won’t Stop Protests – But Here’s What Would

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - As capitalism and its racist, sexist, ecocidal, homicidal and bigoted tenets push forwards, protests have been on the rise. And it is in fact our right to [...]

UN: Americans’ Right To Protest Is In Grave Danger Under Trump

By Staff, -

By Staff for Common Dreams - At least 19 U.S. states have introduced bills that attack the right to protest since Donald Trump's election as president, an "alarming and undemocratic" trend, U.N. [...]

Standing Rock Is A Model Of The Right Of Peaceful Assembly

By Dan Aymar-Blair, -

By Dan Aymar-Blair for Truth Dig - The rerouting of the Dakota Access pipeline was a much-needed victory for the rights of indigenous peoples and the sanctity of the environment. The stand at [...]

Oakland Activists Defy ‘Protest Curfew’

By Davey D Cook, -

May 23, Oakland, CA - So tonight the Black women who organized the #SayHerName march in Oakland to bring attention to the scores of Black women being brutalized and terrorized by police were [...]

Congress Concerned By Capitol Police Conduct With Protesters

By Hannah Hess, -

Congress has been critical of the Capitol Police this year when it comes to the department’s handling of protesters. Now, one member is demanding to see the department’s policies on removing [...]

Will Charges Against 6 Baltimore Police Bring Justice?

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s announcement that the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray were being charged brought cheers and celebratory honking of horns. On [...]

Holograms For Freedom Campaign Highlights Spanish Repression

By Jesus, -

With the holograms campaign for freedom we want to highlight the situation of repression of our rights as free people, as citizens living in a supposed democracy. The rules penalizing freedoms [...]

First Hologram Protest Held Against Spain’s Gag Law

By Jennifer Baker, -

Spanish citizens held the first hologram protest in history in order to protest without violating the new draconian guidelines of the National Security Act, the new amendments to the Penal Code [...]

Spanish Parliament Passes Anti-Indignado Law Against Protests

By Erin Gallagher, -

Yesterday three laws widely criticized by the opposition and human rights groups were approved in Spanish Congress. The Penal Code, the new Anti-Terror Law and the Law on Citizen Safety. The [...]