What Is ‘The UN We Need’ And Who Gets To Choose?

By Staff, Un2020.org -

Why are civil society organisations excited about strengthening the UN when momentum seems distinctly in the opposite direction? When divisions are rife and the international system is in damage [...]

How America Came Heartbreakingly Close To Universal Healthcare

By Mike Magee, Lithub.com -

As was recently, and perhaps shockingly, reported, life expectancy gains in the US, which plateaued in 2012, have declined for the past two years. The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics [...]

How Portugal Launched The World’s First National Participatory Budget

By Staff, Govinsider.asia -

Citizens in Portugal vote on how public funding is spent on national and regional projects, in the world’s first participatory budgeting scheme of its kind. The project is led by the [...]

‘No Cop Academy’ Protesters Disrupt City Council Committee Meeting

By Fran Spielman, Portside.org -

The $95 million police and fire training academy in West Garfield Park that has drawn opposition from Chance the Rapper and college students around the nation triggered yet another raucous City [...]

Oklahoma Teachers Begin 110-Mile March To Protest Education Funding

By Sebastian Murdock, Huffingtonpost.com -

Educators in Oklahoma are making it clear they aren’t giving up in their fight for increased public school funding. On Wednesday, more than 100 people set out from Webster High School in Tulsa on [...]

How Movements Can Turn Money Into Victories

By Patrick Robbins, theleap.org -

As an organizer in the climate movement, I don’t usually have a lot of spare cash to donate to the cause. (Still waiting on that Soros money!) But since the people doing the work are my friends [...]

Funding Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes Or Inflation

By Ellen Brown, www.ellenbrown.com -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt Blog - In May 2017, a team of researchers at the University of Oxford published the results of a survey of the world’s best artificial intelligence experts, who [...]

Defunding Police—How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle To Listen

By Melissa Hellmann, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Melissa Hellmann for Yes! Magazine - Seattle City Council members took their seats on Sept. 19 with the unhurried pace of business as usual. One of them called for public comments, but after a [...]

Whistleblower: NATO’s Leading Ally Is Arming And Funding ISIS

By Nafeez Ahmed, www.informationclearinghouse.info -

By Nafeez Ahmed for Information Clearing House - September 18, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Medium" - A former senior counter-terrorism official in Turkey has blown the whistle on [...]

Will UK Allow Taxpayers To Opt-Out Of Funding War?

By Carlyn Harvey, www.thecanary.co -

By Carlyn Harvey for The Canary - On 19th July an extraordinary bill was tabled in the UK parliament. The proposal,presented by Brentford and Isleworth MP Ruth Cadbury, seeks to allow citizens to [...]

Where Has All The Money For Our Schools Gone?

By Scott Klinger, www.otherwords.org -

By Scott Klinger for Other Worlds - State and local governments give away at least $70 billion a year to business subsidies, most of it in foregone tax revenue. Local property taxes are the most [...]

Is Funding Transparency Enough To Prevent Billionaire Influence

By Anthony Cody, www.livingindialogue.com -

By Anthony Cody for Living in Dialogue - Here is where we stand with the revived controversy over the Los Angeles Times’ 2010 “investigation” into teacher effectiveness. In 2009, Teachers [...]

Nonprofits: Beware The Hand That Feeds

By Auset Marian Lewis, www.telesurtv.net -

By Auset Marian Lewis for Tele Sur - Injustice is not happenstance. It’s systemic. Police shoot more unarmed black men than white because the slave system put a target on their backs centuries [...]