The Decline Of Western Power

By Craig Murray, Consortium News. -

The really interesting thing about the G7 summit is that it wasn’t interesting. Nobody expected it to change the world, and it won’t. John Pilger pointed out the key fact. Twenty years ago, the [...]

G7 Judged A ‘Colossal Failure’

By Jon Queally, Common Dreams. -

Anti-poverty groups, climate campaigners, and public health experts reacted with outrage and howls of disappointment Sunday after the G7 leaders who spent the weekend at a summit in Cornwall, [...]

Climate Crisis Protestors Hit The Beach At The G7 Summit

By The Publics Radio. -

Falmouth, England — Hundreds of environmental protesters took to the Cornish seaside Saturday morning in a bid to draw the attention of world leaders and the international media outlets that have [...]