USDA May Allow Genetically Modified Trees To Be Released Into The Wild

By Anne Peterman, Truthout. -

On August 18, 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a petition by researchers at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) seeking [...]

NY Times Magazine Promotes GE Trees – We Set The Record Straight

By Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project. -

An article printed in today’s New York Times Magazine, “Can Genetic Engineering Bring Back the American Chestnut?” by Gabriel Popkin, is a disappointing piece of questionable journalism. In [...]

Report Slams Proposals To Prolong Capitalism Using Trees And Green Profit Schemes

By Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle, Global Justice Ecology Project. -

This report examines events and research publicized between 23 June and 4 July 2019 that discuss the mass-use of trees to enable the unsustainable lifestyles of the world’s top 1% in the face of [...]

Release: American Chestnut Foundation Board Members Resign Over GE Chestnut

By Staff, -

Spencer, MA – In a statement today, two board members of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), including the Chapter President announced they were [...]

Planet Loses Tree Cover Size Of New Zealand In One Year

By Morgan Erickson-Davis, -

By Morgan Erickson-Davis for The Campaign to Stop GE Trees - Last year the world lost an area of tree cover the size of New Zealand, according to satellite data. That’s around 29.7 million [...]

Portugal’s Wildfires A Result Of Timber Industry

By Campaign to Stop GE Trees, -

By the Campaign to Stop Genetically-Engineered Trees. Wildfires in Portugal have been called “the worst such disaster in recent history.” Dozens of people burnt to death in their cars while [...]

The Devastating Impacts Of GE Tree Plantations

By Staff, -

By The Campaign to Stop GE Trees. Chile - On March 22nd, World Water Day, the international delegation of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, the Landless Workers Movement (MST), CEPEDES* and OLCA** [...]

GE Tree Company Guilty Of Defrauding Workers

By Kip Doyle, -

By Kip Doyle of Global Justice Ecology Project. New York, NY - Biotech firm ArborGen, a leader in the research and development of genetically engineered trees (GE trees), has been fined $53.5 [...]

GMO Chestnuts? Ho Ho No!

By Staff, -

By Global Justice Ecology Project. New York (15 December 2015)– In the midst of the holiday season, while thoughts turn to roasting chestnuts, a handful of scientists are working to genetically [...]

‘GE Trees Fall’ Activists Arrested At World Hdqtrs Of ArborGen

By Anne Petermann, -

By Anne Petermann of Global Justice Ecology Project - A new organizing initiative called “GE Trees Fall” launched with a four day GE trees action training camp outside of Asheville North [...]

Second Week Of Global Protests To Stop GE Trees

By Global Justice Ecology Project, -

In Brussels, Belgium, dozens of people representing organizations from around the world traveled from the European Parliament to the Brazilian Embassy where they rallied againstGE trees and [...]

Success! Global Week of Actions Against GMO Trees

By Staff, -

"If approved by the committee these GE faster growing eucalyptus will mature in only 4 years, as opposed to 6-7 years presently in non-GMO eucalyptus," said Catiane Cinelli, a member of the Rural [...]

Emergency Action To Stop GE Trees

By Global Justice Ecology Project, -

On THURSDAY 5 March 2015, CTNBio, the agency that regulates GMOs in Brazil, will decide on an industry request to legalize the commercial development of genetically engineered eucalyptus [...]

Reject Unregulated Genetically Engineered Loblolly Pines!

By Campaign To Stop GE Trees, -

In an unprecedented and alarming move, the US Department of Agriculture has given GE tree company ArborGen permission to pursue commercial production of a genetically engineered (GE) loblolly [...]

On Columbus Day, Native Peoples Condemn GE Trees

By Jay Burney and BJ McManama, -

(Qualla Boundary, North Carolina)--In the shadow of Columbus Day and the legacy of colonization in the Americas, the Indigenous Environmental Network [1] and Eastern Band of Cherokee community [...]