Gender Pay Inequality Even Worse Than Previously Reported

By Stephen J. Rose and Heidi Hartmann, -

The commonly used figure to describe the gender wage ratio—that a woman earns 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man—understates the pay inequality problem by leaving many women workers out of [...]

Trump’s Reported Proposal To Redefine Gender, Eliminate Trans Rights Prompts Mass Protests

By Ryan Grenoble, -

“We will be here long after this administration is in the trash heap,” the NCTE’s Mara Keisling pledged Monday. Hundreds of protesters gathered in New York City’s Washington Square Park on Sunday [...]

From Cooperation Jackson On Intersection Of Gender And Economics

By Staff, -

By Staff of Atlanta Black Star - My mom has told me a story several times of when my dad bartered a painting for bread. He had done a small oil painting of a loaf of bread with a wine bottle [...]

Barriers To Changing Legal Names And Gender Markers In Prison

By Victoria Law, -

By Victoria Law for Truthout - During her 30 years in California's prison system, Cookie Bivens has seen numerous trans women attempt to change their name and gender marker while incarcerated. [...]

The Invisible Threads Of Gender, Race, And Slavery

By Sasha Turner, -

By Sasha Turner for Black Perspectives - On March 24, 2017 the United Nations commemorated its ten-year anniversary for the International Day of Remembrance honoring the Victims of Slavery and [...]

Towards Gender Liberation

By Cecilia Gingerich, -

By Cecilia Gingerich for The Next System Project - We are in a time of deepening systemic crisis. Throughout the world, we see staggering levels of economic inequality, unchecked extractive [...]

Colombia Includes Gender Focus For A Stable, Lasting Peace

By Patricia Grogg, -

By Patricia Grogg for IPS - HAVANA, Jul 29 2016 (IPS) - The novel inclusion of a gender perspective in the peace talks that led to a historic ceasefire between the Colombian government and [...]

Why The HB2 Boycott Of North Carolina Is Working

By Chris Kromm, -

By Chris Kromm for the Institute for Southern Studies. It's been over a month since North Carolina lawmakers rushed to pass House Bill 2, sweeping legislation that, while targeting a Charlotte [...]

United States Far Behind On Gender Equality; Experts ‘Horrified’

By Laura Bassett, -

By Laura Bassett for The Huffington Post - A delegation of human rights experts from Poland, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica spent 10 days this month touring the United States so they can [...]

Chelsea Manning To Begin Gender Treatment

By AP, -

The Bureau of Prisons has rejected the Army's request to accept the transfer of national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning from the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to a civilian [...]