‘The Hamas’ are Coming: A View of the Violence from Inside Israel

By Miko Peled, MintPress News. -

Occupied Jerusalem — After less than 48 hours in Jerusalem, it’s clear to me that the slaughter in Gaza will not end anytime soon. There is broad popular support in Israel for the endless [...]

Why Is The AFL-CIO So Worried About Its Vermont Affiliate?

By Steve Early, Counterpunch. -

For as long as Richard Trumka has been a national AFL-CIO leader—more than a quarter of a century—his labor federation has been encouraging its local affiliates to revitalize themselves to help [...]

Haiti Begins General Strike

By Ezra Brain, Left Voice. -

February 1, 2021 - Industries across Haiti are shut down today as workers in multiple sectors participate in a 48-hour general strike. The strike was called by the labor unions following years of [...]

250 Million People Participate In Countrywide Strike In India

By People's Dispatch. -

On Thursday, November 26, India witnessed the biggest organized strike in human history. Over 250 million workers and farmers, along with their allies among students, feminists and civil society [...]

Greek General Strike Against Attacks On Right To Demonstrate

By Katerina Selin, WSWS. -

The mood in the international working class is strained to the breaking point. As millions of people were demonstrating against the government across India on Thursday, tens of thousands of [...]

Colombia’s National Strike

By Adriaan Alsema, Columbia Reports. -

A year after Colombia’s biggest anti-government protests in four decades, President Ivan Duque has gone from being an unpopular fraud to being accused of terrorism. Duque and his Defense [...]

Alberta Is Closer Than Ever To A General Strike

By Jeremy Appel, Read Passage. -

Canada - The powder keg of Alberta labour relations has finally exploded, in a good way. Yesterday, wildcat strikes popped up across the province from hospital support staff who learned last week [...]

The Left And The Election Crisis

By Larry Holmes, Workers World. -

The political crisis in the ruling class that is playing itself out in the presidential election is not really about Trump, any more than it’s about saving democracy, decency and all the other [...]

General Strike: The Eviction Crisis Escalates

With an estimated 17 to 40 million people at risk of losing their homes by the end of September, and with the failure of the federal government to pass an eviction moratorium or an unemployment [...]

People’s Strike: An Open Letter To All Forces Fighting For Our Lives

By PeoplesStrike.org. -

The “normal” world roiled by this pandemic is deeply unequal, inequitable, exploitative, extractive, and repressive. It is deeply fractured around capitalist colonialism, racial oppression, [...]

CHOP And The Juneteenth Longshore Strike

By Socialist Revolution. -

On June 19, the International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union (ILWU), a militant union of 42,000 members, shut down 29 ports along the West Coast of the United States and Canada, as workers [...]

UAW Work Stoppage On Juneteenth To End Racism

By Rory L. Gamble, United Auto Workers. -

As trade unionists and as Americans, we were outraged and heartsick at the horror of George Floyd’s death on May 25. It was yet another tragedy in a long and sorrowful history of the divisiveness [...]

From Rebellion To Revolution

By Kali Akuno, Viewpoint Magazine. -

The Floyd rebellion is changing the world before our very eyes. What type of change and to what degree it will shift the balance of forces between rulers and ruled, haves and the have-nots [...]

A Mass Uprising Is Here, Protect It From The Ruling Class

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance.org. -

The breadth of the uprising is astounding with antiracism protests in all 50 states and more than 500 cities plus more than 13,500 arrests in 43 cities. This weekend there were larger numbers of [...]

Update From General Strike 2020 – Upcoming Actions

With the unconscionable murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis this past week, we’re reminded of the importance that the fight against racism plays in our struggle. We’ve seen [...]

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