Chileans Have Launched A General Strike Against Austerity

By Felipe Lagos-Rojas and Francisca Gomez-Baeza, -

In Chile’s main cities, armed forces and tanks are filling the streets. But civilians are holding their ground, refusing to abandon public space. Official reports indicate eleven fatalities so [...]

“We Can’t Remain Indifferent”: Chile Trade Unions Call For General Strike In Support Of Student-Led Uprising

By Eoin Higgins, -

As protests against the Chilean government continued Monday, trade unions across the South American country called for a general strike to support demonstrators drawing attention to the nation's [...]

French Unions Call General Strike For Better Pay, Retirement, Education

By Staff, -

The CGT, Force Ouvrière, Solidaires and student unions Unef and UNL hope their demonstration will put further pressure on President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to put forward propositions in [...]

Why The Seattle General Strike Of 1919 Should Inspire A New Generation Of Labor Activists

By Steven C. Beda, -

It shut down a major U.S. city, inspired a rock opera, led to decades of labor unrest and provoked fears Russian Bolsheviks were trying to overthrow American capitalism. It was the Seattle [...]

Matamoros Strike Grows As Mexican Ruling Class Warns Of National Strike Wave

By Eric London and Andrea Lobo, WSWS. -

The strike of tens of thousands of Matamoros workers spread beyond the maquiladoras this week to new industries as workers in water purification, milk production and Coca-Cola bottling walked out [...]

Everything You Need To Know About General Strikes

By Kim Kelly, -

The word strike seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. Workers across the world have been striking to protest poor working conditions, to speak out against sexual harassment, and to jumpstart [...]

General Strike: The Fierce Urgency Of Now

By Staff, -

Thank you. I am proud to represent my union tonight, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. We are aviation’s first responders and last line of defense. It’s wonderful to be joined by my [...]

India General Strike 2019

By Jamie Woodcock, -

In Bangalore the strike was strong, shutting down transportation across the city. On the 8th of January, the unions called for a demonstration outside the town hall. There was the visible [...]

Catalonia Sees Second General Strike In A Month

By Staff, -

By Staff of Catalan News - Unions, civic organizations and political parties sign up to stoppage demanding release of imprisoned Catalan officials Catalonia sees its second general strike in just [...]

What Will Happen If Activists Stage A Nationwide Strike Against Trump?

By Eric Lutz, -

By Eric Lutz for Mic - A general strike is an organized work stoppage by a large number of employees across a broad spectrum of industries in an effort to advance a political or economic goal. [...]

Protests Intensify, French Workers Refuse Submission

By Andrea Germanos, -

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams. Amid ongoing blockades and intensifying clashes with police, protests against President François Hollande's controversial set of labor reforms deepened on [...]

Chicago Teachers Rally Ahead Of Mass Action

By Madeline Wensel, -

By Madeline Wensel for In These Times. Activists from across Chicago gathered in downtown Chicago last night at the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple to demonstrate a united [...]

Britain Strikes For A Day

By Sheila Cohen, -

It’s finally happened. The rusty machinery of the British trade union movement has turned—sluggishly—to allow us a magnificent day of rank-and-file protest. Only one day of striking, when there [...]