The Ivory Tower Is Dead

By Davarian L. Baldwin And Sam Klug, Dissent Magazine. -

Davarian L. Baldwin’s recent book, In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower, offers an insightful examination—and stirring critique—of the role of universities in the political economy of U.S. cities. In [...]

The Obama Presidential Center Will Displace Black People

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

The soon to be constructed Barack Obama Presidential Center poses a great danger to the surrounding Black neighborhoods on the South Shore of Chicago. In fact, thanks to this $500 million, [...]

Food As A Spearhead For Gentrification

By Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, Consortium News. -

I live in San Diego, where I teach courses on urban and food geographies and conduct research on the relationship between food and ethnicity in urban contexts. In recent years, I started to [...]

Destroying Black And Brown Lives For High-Rises In The Nation’s Capital

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

Washington, DC — “Where that McDonald’s is right now,” he says pointing across the street. “That used to be a news stand where I’d buy comics as a kid.” Dumah Muhammad stands in Adams Morgan [...]

Gentrification And The End Of Black Communities

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

Brooklyn, New York is the epicenter of gentrification, the displacement of Black people from cities in this country. Recently released census data shows that neighborhoods [...]

Big Business Loves The Housing Crisis

By Nick Bano, Tribune Magazine. -

What’s your favourite type of landlord? It’s an odd question, but it’s one that commentators keep asking as housing crises of various types continue to take shape across the world. In a [...]

A Crisis Of ‘Forced Mass Displacement’ Of Black Pittsburghers

By Tom Davidson, -

Pennsylvania - Why did 7,000 Black Pittsburgh residents leave the city between 2014 and 2018? The answer depends on who’s talking. Community activist Randall Taylor, a former Pittsburgh [...]

Report Warns Climate Change Threatens Affordable Housing

By Julia Travers, Invisible People TV. -

A recent study in Environmental Research Letters examined how coastal flood risks tied to climate change threaten affordable housing. The authors also touched on the social justice aspects of [...]

The Red House And The Future Of Eviction Defense

By David Rovics, Counterpunch. -

Portland, Oregon has been in the headlines again over the last few days, and this trend will continue.  The reasons for the headlines will vary depending on who you ask.  If you ask the far right [...]

Red House Remains ‘Unceded Territory,’ Portland Family Says

By Zane Sparling, Portland Tribune. -

A local family says their home in Portland's historically-Black Albina neighborhood remains "unceded territory" — despite authorities' vow to remove barricades and enforce what they say is a [...]

Sweet (And Sticky) Redemption

By Maurice Bailey and Nik Heynen, Scalawag Magazine. -

There is no U.S. agricultural history without the expertise and labor of African people who were enslaved across the South, including the Gullah/Geechee people of the lower Atlantic Coast. But [...]

Lawyers: Breonna Taylor Warrant Connected To Gentrification Plan

By Phillip M. Bailey and Tessa Duvall, Louisville Courier Journal.   -

"Breonna’s home should never have had police there in the first place," the attorneys wrote in the filing. "When the layers are peeled back, the origin of Breonna’s home being raided by police [...]

Black Workers Protest Union-Busting Boston Gentrifier

By Boston Bureau, Workers World. -

A June 16 action for eight laid-off workers — organized just four days after the announcement they had been fired — drew about 100 people. They were protesting at their place of work, College [...]

De Blasio Rejects Community’s Plan For Bushwick Rezoning

By Jake Offenhartz, -

Mayor Bill de Blasio has rejected a community-driven rezoning proposal for Bushwick, dealing a significant blow to local residents who spent years drafting a blueprint aimed at addressing [...]

Poor Neighborhoods Need More Than ‘Investment’

By Amadi Anene, -

Where some of us see distressed neighborhoods — where families endure poverty and homes fall into disrepair — others see dollar signs. In fact, the Trump administration now brands them [...]