The West Is Run By Barbarians

By Peter Koenig, -

Imagine, the so-called world leader invites you to a foreign country to help mediate between different factions, you accept, and when you arrive at the airport, he kills you. Then he smiles and [...]

Killing Nature While Playing Geopolitics

By Pepe Escobar, -

There’s nothing like a wake-up howl from nature to freeze the sound and fury convulsing the geopolitical chessboard – and drown dreams of regime change, accusations of “aggressive behavior”, and [...]

The Last Hegemon: Declining US Power In World’s Geopolitical Arena

By Immanuel Wallerstein, -

The most fluid arena in the modern world-system, which is in structural crisis, is arguably the geopolitical arena. No country comes even near to dominating this arena. The last hegemonic power, [...]

Open Letter To American People From Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales

By Staff, -

For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter). [...]

“World Domestic Politics”

By Johan Galtung, -

By Johan Galtung for TRANSCEND Media Service - We can sense that all four, direct world elections and referenda, world dialogue of civilizations (not only West-Islam), world police and welfare [...]

We Are Not Living In ‘Post-Truth’ World, We Are Living Lies Of Others

By Robert Fisk, -

By Robert Fisk for The Independent - Nigel Farage is not a Nazi and nor is Donald Trump. But what is terrifying – and deeply akin to fascism – is our ability to ‘think’ our way from truth into [...]

Kashmir: Not A Bilateral Issue

By Staff, -

By Staff of Barrow Press - The U.S. has recently shown its official stance on Kashmir again, by avoiding any appearance of taking sides on the conflict and restating that it is up to India and [...]

Don’t Blame The Masses

By Stephen Kinzer, -

By Stephen Kinzer for The Boston Globe - WHETHER OR NOT the world is in an unusually bad state these days, it certainly seems so. Even Americans, famous for our lack of interest in world affairs, [...]

NSA Targets World Leaders For US Geopolitical Interests

By Staff, -

By Staff of Wikileaks - Today, 23 February 2016 at 00:00 GMT [updated 12:20 GMT], WikiLeaks publishes highly classified documents showing that the US National Security Agency bugged a private [...]

The IMF Changes Its Rules To Isolate China And Russia

By Michael Hudson, -

By Michael Hudson for Counter Punch - The nightmare scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists seems to be coming true: foreign economic independence from U.S. control. Instead of privatizing and [...]