‘Finding Kendrick Johnson’ Reveals FBI’s Complicity In Coverup Of Black Child’s Murder

By Jacqueline L'uqman, Toward Freedom. -

Millions of people in the United States believe the justice system—from the cops in the street right on up to the judges in the courthouse—is fair and unbiased. Millions of people also believe [...]

School Bus Drivers Protest Inadequate COVID-19 Protection And Low Pay

By Shelley Connor, WSWS. -

On September 3, 54 school bus drivers in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System SCCSS) in Georgia began a rolling sickout and staged a protest at the school district offices over pay [...]

Ex-Prosecutor Indicted For Misconduct In Ahmaud Arbery Death

By Russ Bynum, Associated Press. -

Savannah, Ga. — A former Georgia prosecutor was indicted Thursday on misconduct charges alleging she used her position to shield the men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery from being charged [...]

Nabisco Workers In Georgia On Strike

BCTGM International President Anthony Shelton issued the following statement in support of members of BCTGM Local 42 (Atlanta, Ga.) who are on strike against Nabisco in Norcross, Ga.: “Early [...]

Abby Martin Had Free Speech Rights Violated By Georgia’s Anti-BDS Law

By Kevin Gosztola, Shadow Proof. -

A federal court ruled in favor of journalist Abby Martin, who was barred from speaking at Georgia Southern University after she refused to pledge she would not boycott Israel.

How A Black And Latinx Coalition Turned Utilities Back On In LaGrange

By Lewis Raven Wallace, Scalawag Magazine. -

Anton Flores thought it would be simple to help someone get their water turned back on.  "I had a single mom, who was undocumentable, whose utilities had been cut off, and she came to me," [...]

‘A Betrayal’: Georgia Voters Enraged Over Democrats Promise Of ‘$2000 Checks’

By Colin Kalmbacher, Mediaite. -

President-elect Joe Biden released his long-awaited stimulus proposal last Thursday that contained an inauspicious provision for millions of Americans expecting additional $2,000 stimulus checks. [...]

Update: Abby Martin’s Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate In US

By Empire Files. -

New developments in Abby Martin's major lawsuit challenging unconstitutional pro-Israel, anti-BDS law in the state of Georgia. Abby Martin: "In February of this year, I was supposed to give a [...]

US Deports Migrant Women Who Alleged Abuse By Georgia Doctor

By Nomaan Merchant, AP News. -

The Trump administration is trying to deport several women who allege they were mistreated by a Georgia gynecologist at an immigration detention center, according to their lawyers. U.S. [...]

Report: Georgia Wrongfully Purged 200,000 Voters

By Anne Branigin, The Root. -

A seven-year investigation of voter suppression in Georgia has found that the state likely removed 200,000 voters from its rolls who were, in fact, eligible to vote. The voters whose [...]

This Public US University Has Seen Grades Soar Despite COVID-19

By Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian. -

If anywhere was going to take a pummeling from the coronavirus, you’d think it would be a place like Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. Georgia State is not a glamorous flagship [...]

Black Families Purchased Land To Build Their Own City

By Because of Them We Can. -

In Toomsboro, Georgia, a group of 19 Black families banded together to create what has the potential to be the next Black Wall Steet. Black people are resilient, we've had to be to thrive [...]

Grad Students And Faculty ‘Die In’ To Protest Reopening

By Kaelan Deese, MSN. -

Nearly 50 demonstrators lay scattered 6 feet apart wearing face coverings on the lawn outside the school administration's building, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Some protesters [...]

Atlanta Officers Charged After Students Pulled From Car

Atlanta - Six Atlanta police officers were charged Tuesday after dramatic video showed authorities pulling two young people from a car and shooting them with stun guns while they were stuck in [...]

Health Care Crisis: Future Is Up To Us

By Rita Valenti, Popular Resistance. -

A society that is governed in such a way that it fails to protect its people from the catastrophic harm of the COVID 19 pandemic is a society ripe for revolutionary transformation. The pandemic [...]

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