The Rigors Of Organizing: On The Road With The German Climate Resistance

By Jeff Ordower, -

Recently, press in the United States told the story of the great transition that the German Coal Commission announced. Benevolent governments like Germany are deciding to make a just transition [...]

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany

By Pat Elder, -

Germany is experiencing a public health crisis with millions of people potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS. A major source of [...]

Germany: Fridays For Future

By Conny Dahmen, -

“There’s no point in learning for a future that doesn’t exist.” With this motto, more and more young people this year have taken to the streets every week to fight climate change. On January 18, [...]

The Financial Secret Behind Germany’s Green Energy Revolution

By Ellen Brown, -

The “Green New Deal” endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.-N.Y., and more than 40 other House members has been criticized as imposing a too-heavy burden on the rich and upper-middle-class [...]

35,000 Hit Streets Of Berlin To Demand Agricultural Revolution

By Andrea Germanos, -

"This protest shows that the desire for a different agricultural policy is now undeniable." Organizers said 35,000 people marched through the streets of the German capital on Saturday to say [...]

Germany Allocates $62m To Development Projects In Palestine

By Middle East Monitor, -

Germany allocated €55 million ($62.5 million) to be dispersed to Palestinian development projects in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip in 2019. Klaus Kramer, the head of division [...]

From Appalachia To Germany: Anti-Capitalist Trees, People Power & Systemic Corruption

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

On the front lines of the fight against dirty energy – worldwide. First up, some great news from West Virginia and Virginia – taking time to celebrate these victories while taking a look at the [...]

“Get up” – Sahra Wagenknecht In An Interview About Her Collection Movement

By Fabienne Rzitki, -

A movement can not compete in elections in Germany. But when we get strong, we can build up so much pressure that the parties open their lists for fellow campaigners. However, our primary concern [...]

Germans Want Donald Trump To Pull US Troops Out Of Germany, Poll Finds

By Jon Stone, -

US president has said American military spending to protect Europe is not sustainable. Germans would actually welcome the withdrawal of American troops stationed in their country, a new poll has [...]

Blome And Wilayto Arrested At Massive Ramstein Protest; Sept. 30 – Oct. 6 – We Must Rally To “Shut Down Creech”

By Staff, -

Toby Blomé, of CODEPINK, and Phil Wilayto, of United National Antiwar Coalition, were among about a dozen mostly German protesters who were arrested on June 30, 2018 by German police as they [...]

Antinuclear Resisters At Büchel Airbase In Germany

By Pat Elder, -

Early in the morning, when I approached this sprawling airbase that employs 2,000 civilians and soldiers, the bucolic setting was reminiscent of the rolling foothills of the Blueridge Mountains [...]

Germany’s Far-Right Supporters Outnumbered By Protesters In Berlin

By Staff, -

BERLIN (Reuters) - Some 5,000 supporters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) marched through Berlin on Sunday, but they were heavily outnumbered by anti-AfD demonstrations, including [...]

Amazon Workers Booed Jeff Bezos In Berlin

By Jill Petzinger, -

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received a hostile reception when he arrived in the German capital to pick up an innovation award on Tuesday (Apr. 24). Trade union Verdi confirmed that “several hundred [...]

Germany’s 28-Hour Workweek

By Loren Balhorn, -

German metalworkers’ union IG Metall made international headlines last month after a twenty-four-hour “warning strike” compelled employers to sign a deal with the union giving its members the [...]

German Cities To Trial Free Public Transport To Cut Pollution

By Philip Oltermann, -

“Car nation” Germany has surprised neighbours with a radical proposal to reduce road traffic by making public transport free, as Berlin scrambles to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big [...]