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GHG Emissions

Study: Electric Vehicles Dramatically Outperform Gas On Global Emissions

Although you don’t need to pay for gasoline to fuel up an electric vehicle, driving one still comes with a carbon emissions price tag. However, according to a science advocacy nonprofit, the emissions associated with an electric vehicle throughout its lifetime —  meaning production to driving to disassembly and disposal —  are still dramatically lower than their gasoline-powered relatives. In a recently released report, the Union of Concerned Scientists analyzed emissions data to determine that for almost the entire population of the U.S., driving an average electric vehicle would be less emissions-intensive than an average vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Just 3% of Americans would be better suited with an average gasoline-fueled vehicle, although the report did not make clear which areas that included.

Heathrow Third Runway: UK Government Actions Ruled “Illegal”

The Court of Appeal has ruled that government acted illegally in their plans to expand Heathrow airport. This stops the climate wrecking plan dead in its tracks and holds government to account for acting in complete contradiction of the climate emergency at a time when we need urgent action. The decision follows an ongoing legal battle over the project. In this case, Friends of the Earth successfully argued that the impact on the climate was not given due consideration (in line with legal requirements) when planning the expansion. In particular, that the Secretary of State chose not to factor in the Paris Agreement, nor the full scale of climate impacts aviation would create. They also didn’t account for the longer term climate impacts past 2050.
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