California Voters Decide Uber And Lyft Drivers Are ‘Contractors’

By Juliet B. Schor, The Conversation. -

Uber, TaskRabbit and other ride-hailing and delivery service companies in California can keep classifying their workers as independent contractors rather than employees after California voters [...]

Gig Workers Hired To Evict People From Their Homes

By Dominic Gustavo, WSWS. -

A startup company by the name of Civvl is seeking to recruit temporary “gig” workers to assist landlords in evicting tenants who have been unable to pay rent in the midst of the economic [...]

Reclaiming Work: Can Cooperatives Overthrow The Gig Economy?

By Shyam Krishna, Red Pepper. -

The pandemic has brought into focus the stark conditions and precarity faced by workers in the gig-economy. When the dust settles, can these workers who were at the frontlines of this crisis [...]

Gig Workers Collective Organizes Nationwide Strikes

By Eliza Levinson, Next City. -

Instacart workers announced a massive strike: the first that gig workers for the San Francisco-based company would undertake during the coronavirus pandemic. The strike, which took place on March [...]

Striking Employees Reveal Basic Economic Principle That Derails COVID-19 Fight

By Leigh Osofsky, The Conversation. -

A series of recent protests by the workers preparing and delivering our essential foods and other goods highlights a key risk to our ability to combat the coronavirus. Some employees at an [...]

Gig Workers Fight Back: ‘We Don’t Want To Deliver COVID-19 With Your Groceries’

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The economy has shut down considerably in the United States so that people can shelter in place and slow the spread of COVID-19, but not all workers are able to do so. Essential workers include [...]

A Pandemic Is No Time For Precarious Work

By Bama Athreya, -

The Trump administration and many of its wealthiest allies recklessly floated an end to social distancing, endangering public health to allegedly help “the economy.” I don’t usually take the [...]