Gig Workers Around The World Are Finally Organizing

By Peter Guest, Rest Of World. -

This past July, Singh was on a midnight run, biking a chocolate mousse cake 7 kilometers across Mumbai, when he was rammed by a drunk driver on a scooter from behind. He got off with a few [...]

Report: NYC Food Delivery Workers Face Low Pay, High Risks

By Ben Yakas, Gothamist. -

New York City's 65,000+ food delivery workers were celebrated as essential workers throughout the pandemic. But according to a damning new study, they aren't actually being treated that [...]


By Gig Workers Collective. -

For the past 5 years, shoppers have repeatedly sounded the alarm regarding Instacart’s misappropriation of tips, theft of tips, unsafe working conditions, continuous and increasingly devastating [...]

How Delivery Workers Are Organizing To Take On The Apps

By Luis Feliz Leon, Labor Notes. -

More than 2,000 food couriers snarled traffic in Times Square through pouring rain in protest April 21 demanding better working conditions and protection from violent assaults. The mass [...]

You Can Ditch Uber For A Driver-Owned Rideshare App

By Whitney Kimball, Gizmodo. -

The thank-you banners are down, but New York City residents have a real opportunity to show their appreciation for a population of low-paid, primarily immigrant frontline workers. New York City [...]

Draft Legislation Would Put Gig Workers Into Toothless ‘Unions’

By Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Labor Notes. -

New York - An effort backed by the New York State AFL-CIO would create a new bargaining scheme for app-based workers without addressing the question of whether or not these workers are legally [...]

Why Delivery Workers Across The Planet Are Rising Up

By Taroa Zuniga Silva, Peoples Dispatch. -

On February 22, 2019, at 6 pm, a car crashed into Servio Hernández’s motorcycle. Hernández, a Venezuelan migrant in Chile, was hit while he was in the middle of making a delivery for PedidosYa, a [...]

Build New Infrastructure For A Broader Movement

By Jeff Ordower, Organizing Upgrade. -

The huge upswing in worker organizing in 2020 often had union support, but with an experimental twist. Over the first few months of the COVID-19 epidemic, workers from bridal shops to pizza [...]

Amazon Will Pay $61.7 Million To Delivery Drivers After Withholding Tips

By Johana Bhuiyan, Los Angeles Times. -

Amazon will pay more than $61.7 million to Flex drivers from whom it withheld the full amount of customer tips to settle a Federal Trade Commission investigation. The settlement comes nearly [...]

Don’t Be Fooled: The Official Unemployment Numbers Are A Lie

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

The official unemployment rate now stands at 6.7%. But that doesn’t feel right, does it? Unless you live in a gated community, the reality on the ground feels more dire and more destitute. Behind [...]

California Voters Decide Uber And Lyft Drivers Are ‘Contractors’

By Juliet B. Schor, The Conversation. -

Uber, TaskRabbit and other ride-hailing and delivery service companies in California can keep classifying their workers as independent contractors rather than employees after California voters [...]

Gig Workers Hired To Evict People From Their Homes

By Dominic Gustavo, WSWS. -

A startup company by the name of Civvl is seeking to recruit temporary “gig” workers to assist landlords in evicting tenants who have been unable to pay rent in the midst of the economic [...]

Reclaiming Work: Can Cooperatives Overthrow The Gig Economy?

By Shyam Krishna, Red Pepper. -

The pandemic has brought into focus the stark conditions and precarity faced by workers in the gig-economy. When the dust settles, can these workers who were at the frontlines of this crisis [...]

Gig Workers Collective Organizes Nationwide Strikes

By Eliza Levinson, Next City. -

Instacart workers announced a massive strike: the first that gig workers for the San Francisco-based company would undertake during the coronavirus pandemic. The strike, which took place on March [...]

Striking Employees Reveal Basic Economic Principle That Derails COVID-19 Fight

By Leigh Osofsky, The Conversation. -

A series of recent protests by the workers preparing and delivering our essential foods and other goods highlights a key risk to our ability to combat the coronavirus. Some employees at an [...]

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