To Counter US Hostility China Moves Towards People-Centered Policies

By Moon of Alabama. -

This development allowed China to make enormous investments in infrastructure. It also generated the resources necessary to eliminate poverty. It is no coincidence that this development happened [...]

The Decline Of Western Power

By Craig Murray, Consortium News. -

The really interesting thing about the G7 summit is that it wasn’t interesting. Nobody expected it to change the world, and it won’t. John Pilger pointed out the key fact. Twenty years ago, the [...]

Global Food Prices Post Biggest Jump In Decade

By The Straits Times. -

London - Global food prices have surged by the biggest margin in a decade, as one closely watched index jumped 40 per cent last month, heightening fears that the inflation initially stoked by [...]

State Of The World: Poverty Is Widespread

By Rod Driver, Global Research. -

The world’s population was about 7.8 billion people in 2020. About 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, and over 4 billion do not have safe sanitation.(1) About 800 [...]

G7 Or Failed Colonial Powers Telling The World What To Do

By Prabir Purkayastha, Peoples Dispatch. -

The Foreign Ministers of G7 countries met in London this week and issued a communique painting Russia as a “malicious actor” and China as a “bully”. It had little substance apart from ticking all [...]

In Quest Of A Multi-Polar World

By Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar, Consortium News. -

Fifty ago, I wrote Super Imperialism about basically how America dominates the world financially and gets the free ride. I wrote it right after America went off gold in 1971, when the Vietnam [...]