World Erupts In Revulsion As Trump Becomes 45th US President

By Staff, -

By Staff of Common Dreams - Follow live coverage of official events—as well as protest and dissent—as Inauguration Day unfolds. Amid growing protests and vows of resistance to his right-wing [...]

When Protest Becomes Sacrament: Grady Sisters Heed A Higher Call

By Nicholas Kusnetz, -

By Nicholas Kusnetz for Inside Climate News - On a warm May morning, two dozen people wearing blue shirts formed a neat line in front of the gates of a natural gas compressor station in central [...]

Growing Dissent: The Coming Year Of Protest

By Derek Royden, -

By Derek Royden for Occupy - It was February of 1848 when what came to be called “The Spring of Nations” and “The Year of Revolution” began. The first revolt was in France, then the unrest spread [...]

A New Era Of Global Protest Begins

By Rajesh Makwana for STWR - It’s reasonable to conclude from a simple analysis of these trends that a revolutionary change is taking place in the global political landscape. As policymaking [...]