Corporate Globalization Is Threatening Indigenous Communities With Extinction

By T. J. Coles, -

As we speak, some humans are already going extinct. Their extinction is often a consequence of the structural violence of corporate globalization. Communities are under threat, especially those [...]

Protesters Demand End To Corporate Courts, Transparency In NAFTA

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, -

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez for Trade for People and Planet. Arlington, VA - Official negotiators were met by protesters demanding that the deal do away with the Investor-State Dispute Settlement [...]

Xiamen Summit Doomed: Capitalist Deglobalisation Could Crack BRICS

By Patrick Bond, -

By Patrick Bond for Borderless HK. The Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa summit in Xiamen from September 3-5 is already inscribed with high tension thanks to Sino-Indian border conflicts. [...]

Globalization’s Blowback

By Alex Jensen, -

By Alex Jensen for Local Futures - A recent study of air pollution in the western United States made a startling finding: despite a 50 percent drop over the past 25 years in US emissions of [...]

The End Of Globalisation

By Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, -

By Stuart Jeanne Bramhall for Dissident Voice - In From Global to Local: The Making of Things and the End of Globalisation, Finbarr Livesey challenges the common neoliberal claim that [...]

It’s Not Only Necessary To Develop An Alternative To Globalization — It’s Entirely Possible

By Walden Bello, -

By Walden Bello for Foreign Policy in Focus - Free trade and the freedom of capital to move across borders have been the cutting edge of globalization. They’ve also led to the succession of [...]

Newsletter: Power Dynamics Changing In World Order

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The G-20 summit highlighted a transition in geopolitical power that has been developing for years. The process has escalated in recent [...]

First Day Of G-20 Mass Protest, Tear Gas and Water Cannons

By Staff for Popular Resistance. The meetings of the G-20 began on July 6 with President Trump and other foreign leaders arriving. They were met with immediate mass protests of globalization [...]

We Must Rethink Globalization, Or Trumpism Will Prevail

By Thomas Piketty, -

By Thomas Piketty for Le Monde - Let it be said at once: Trump’s victory is primarily due to the explosion in economic and geographic inequality in the United States over several decades and the [...]

Explosive Leak: Corporate Demands From The EU For TiSA

By Deborah James, -

By Deborah James for Huffington Post. Today, for the first time, WikiLeaks released demands by the EU to lock in a wide list of services sectors to TISA’s privatization and deregulation [...]

When Humanitarianism Became Imperialism

By Gregory Afinogenov, -

By Gregory Afinogenov for Jacobin - In 1980s Afghanistan, two world powers converged on each other, obliterating the national borders that stood in their way. The first was the Soviet state, bent [...]

Globalization And Its New Discontents

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, -

By Joseph E. Stiglitz for Project Syndicate - NEW YORK – Fifteen years ago, I wrote a little book, entitled Globalization and its Discontents, describing growing opposition in the developing [...]

Chomsky: Suffering Major Downside Of Corporate Globalization

By Noam Chomsky, -

By Noam Chomsky for E-International Relations - For better or worse, I’ve pretty much stayed the same throughout my life. When I was a child in elementary school I was writing articles for the [...]

Review: ‘Global Capitalism And The Crisis Of Democracy’

By Harry Targ, -

By Harry Targ for Portside. The more sophisticated theorists correctly argued that the dramatic increase in cross-border economic, political, and cultural interactions was not merely the result [...]

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