Weedkiller Vote Poisons European Politics

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini, politico.eu -

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini for Politico - An EU vote approving the use of a controversial weedkiller for another five years triggered an immediate backlash from Paris and Rome, and is [...]

Monsanto Captured EPA (& Twisted Science) To Keep Glyphosate On Market

By Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman, inthesetimes.com -

By Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman for In These Times - IN APRIL 2014, A SMALL GRASSROOTS GROUP CALLED MOMS ACROSS AMERICA announced that it had tested 10 breast milk samples for glyphosate, [...]

European Parliament Resoundingly Votes To End Glyphosate Use

By Staff, www.greenpeace.org -

By Staff of Greenpeace - From 16 December 2022, all remaining uses should be ruled out. This is an important shift in the Parliament's position. While today's vote is for a ban, in 2016 the [...]

New Groundbreaking Research Shows Glyphosate Persists In Soil

By Staff, www.sustainablepulse.com -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - In contrast to what its manufactures purport, glyphosate persists in soils affecting not only soil fertility and crop quality, but also human and environmental [...]

Activists Dump Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream

By Staff, www.organicconsumers.org -

By Organic Consumers Association. FINLAND, Minn. – The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) held protests today against Ben & Jerry’s, a subsidiary of Unilever, in seven US cities, and Mexico [...]

Monsanto Papers And Weedkiller In Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream—What’s The Connection?

By Katherine Paul, www.organicconsumers.org -

By Katherine Paul for Organic Consumers Association - Not long after the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tested positive for glyphosate, the key [...]

CA EPA Becomes First U.S. Agency To Declare Roundup Causes Cancer

By Nathan Donley, www.biologicaldiversity.org -

By Nathan Donley for Center for Biological Diversity - SACRAMENTO, Calif.— The state of California announced today that as of July 7 it will list glyphosate, the main ingredient in the pesticide [...]

4 Signs We’re Winning The Battle Against Monsanto

By Katherine Paul, www.nationofchange.org -

By Katherine Paul for Nation of Change - Next month will mark one year since Congress obliterated Vermont’s GMO labeling law and replaced it with its own faux-labeling measure. The DARK Act was [...]

Judge Blocks Monsanto’s Bid To Stop California From Listing Glyphosate As Carcinogenic

By Lorraine Chow, www.ecowatch.com -

By Lorraine Chow for Eco Watch - In its lawsuit, Monsanto claimed that the listing was unconstitutional because the OEHHA delegated law-making authority "to an unelected and non-transparent [...]

EPA Poised To Sign Off On Monsanto’s Glyphosate

By Alexis Baden-Mayer, www.organicconsumers.org -

By Alexis Baden-Mayer for Organic Consumers Association - A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advisory panel is meeting this week (December 13-16) to determine the fate of glyphosate, [...]

Glyphosate Found In Lowa Honey

By Carey Gillam, www.nationofchange.org -

By Carey Gillam for Nation of Change - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began glyphosate residue testing in a small number of foods earlier this year after the International Agency for [...]

San Francisco Lab Launches New Era Of Glyphosate Testing In Food

By Staff, www.sustainablepulse.com -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - Anresco Laboratories in San Francisco has launched unique low detection testing program for glyphosate residues in final food products and soil samples from all [...]

GMO Study Shows Massive Environmental Damage In US

By Staff, www.sustainablepulse.com -

By Staff for Sustainable Pulse. According to new research from University of Virginia in the U.S., widespread adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops has decreased the use of insecticides, [...]

Study Shows Concern For Glyphosate Damage To Freshwater Systems

By Staff, www.sustainablepulse.com -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - A newly published peer-reviewed study from Brazil has found that even legal levels of glyphosate-based herbicides have an impact on a common freshwater algae’s [...]

Italian Health Ministry Puts Strict Restrictions On Glyphosate Herbicides

By Staff, www.sustainablepulse.com -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - NGOs across Europe have enthusiastically applauded the decision by Italy’s Ministry of Health on Friday to place a number of restrictions on the use of the [...]

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