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Golden Rule

Floating For Peace On The Golden Rule

It’s 10 p.m. at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. Kiko and Tamar help me step from the dock into the wobbly rowboat. Kiko rows us out to the Golden Rule and I climb aboard in wonder. Oh my God! This is it – the 30-foot, anti-nuke sailboat with a history going back almost seven decades . . . back to the era of atmospheric nuclear testing and the Cold War at its simmering height. The Golden Rule: “Floating for sanity in an insane world.” Well, somebody’s got to do it! The United Nations has tried. In 2017 it passed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which was finally ratified (by 50 countries) in 2021. Technically, nuclear weapons are now “illegal” – what a joke. The possibility of nuclear war, i.e., Armageddon, is more alive than ever. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock is now set at 90 seconds to midnight.

First Boat To Protest Nuclear Weapons Inspires A New Generation

Fredy Champagne has been a peace activist ever since he returned from combat in Vietnam. He’s been kicked out of college, where he was accused of starting a riot. He’s opened health clinics in Vietnam. He’s delivered school buses to Cuba. But in 2010, he received a call that opened his eyes to a story of resistance he had never heard before. The call was from one of Champagne’s fellow members of Veterans for Peace, or VFP, asking him to go check out a boat that had been hauled out of the water in Humboldt Bay, California — only an hour’s drive north from his home in Garberville, where he was serving as the president of the local VFP chapter. The boat — named the Golden Rule — wasn’t much to look at.

The Golden Rule Peace Boat And The Kings Bay Plowshares Seven

On Friday, February 7th, the Golden Rule peace boat gently sailed over sacred whale breeding grounds, with an ever respectful sense of protection to our beautiful fellow creatures, then bravely showed its sails entering St. Mary's River of the historic town of St. Mary's which joins the beautiful, yet ominous entrance of the East River. Along the East River exists the most deadly concentration of Ohio Class nuclear weapon laden submarines on the East Coast, if not the world, the Naval Submarine Base of Kings Bay. This base remains the most extensive single construction project ever undertaken by the U.S. Navy.  It contains the largest indoor dry dock in the world, and as a result, it services not only our own fleet but the Tridents of the United Kingdom.

Veteran Sails For World Peace While Fighting Cancer

San Diego, CA - Jamie Skinner of La Center will be putting a pause on his chemo treatment to sail with three others from San Diego, California to Hilo, Hawaii for world peace and nuclear disarmament. Skinner was diagnosed with colon cancer that has now spread to his liver and has been on chemo for the past two years.  Skinner’s vessel of choice is The Golden Rule, which first sailed in 1958 and has a history of activism. It was first manned by a crew of Quaker and anti-nuclear weapons activists in an attempt to stop the government for testing a nuclear bomb on Bikini Atoll, an island in the South Pacific.
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