With Another Shutdown Looming, Flight Attendants Plan Demonstrations On February 16

By Sarah Jones, Nymag.com -

Congressional negotiators told Politico on Friday that they’re working on a deal that will prevent a second government shutdown on February 15. If they fail — or if President Trump again refuses [...]

What The Government Shutdown Told Us About Worker Power

By Negin Owliaei, Inequality.org -

“Do we have your attention now, Leader McConnell?” Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, posed this question after shutdown-related staffing shortages at the Federal [...]

In Praise Of Direct Action (And More)

By Paul Street, Counterpunch.org -

As the partial federal shutdown moved into its third week, I found myself thinking about the late left economist and sociologist Giovanni Arrighi’s concept of “workplace bargaining power” (WBP).  [...]

Shutdown Exposes How Many Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout.org -

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, and we have learned some hard lessons in the interval. The ongoing, historically unprecedented shutdown of the federal [...]

Federal Workers: Shutdown And Out

By Saurav Sarkar, Labornotes.org -

What would you do if management could force you to work without pay, lock you out with no consequences, and fire you for going on strike? That’s the situation facing 800,000 federal workers—and [...]