Homeland Security’s Multibillion Dollar Comedy Show

By James Bovard, Counterpunch.org -

After the 9/11 attacks, Congress and the Bush administration pretended that unlimited federal spending was one of the best ways to thwart terrorist threats. In 2002, Congress created the Homeland [...]

Protest Gov. Cuomo’s Birthday Fundraiser Over Failed Policies

By Erik McGregor, erikmcgregorphotography.blogspot.com -

New York, NY - Hundreds of New Yorkers joined NYC progressive groups on a mock “Voters Over Donors” birthday party outside Governor Cuomo's 60th birthday fundraiser event on December 14, 2017 at [...]

In Kids’ Climate Lawsuit; Gov Effort To Dismiss Case

By Nicholas Kusnetz, insideclimatenews.org -

The Trump administration's efforts to block a major climate change lawsuit that was brought on novel grounds by a group of young people appeared to suffer a setback Monday at a hearing before a [...]

Industrial Strength: How U.S. Gov Hid Fracking’s Risks To Drinking Water

By Neela Banerjee, insideclimatenews.org -

By Neela Banerjee for Inside Climate News - Most mornings, when his 7-year-old son Ryan gets up for school at 6:55, Bryan Latkanich is still awake from the night before, looking online for [...]

Oklahoma City Changes Street Name Removes KKK Leader

By Nick Hazelrigg, www.oudaily.com -

By Nick Hazelrigg for Oudaily - In a meeting filled with emotional appeals from members of the Norman community, the Norman City Council voted unanimously to rename DeBarr Avenue by June 1, 2018. [...]

Portuguese Children To Sue European Govs Over Climate Change

By Staff, www.heraldscotland.com -

By Staff of The Herald - Seven children are to sue European governments in a landmark lawsuit over the impact that climate change is having on their lives. The Portuguese youngsters, some from [...]

Bigoted, Unprofessional Police Chief Backed By Governor

By William Boardman, www.readersupportednews.org -

By William Boardman for Reader Supported News - This is an unsurprisingly nasty internet meme that was publicly shared by the director of the Michigan State Police on her Facebook page on Sunday, [...]

Catalonia’s Battle ‘Is A Big Problem For Europe’

By Greg Russell, www.thenational.scot -

By Greg Russell for The National - A LEADING Catalan official has said Catalonia is in a de facto state of emergency and that its battle with Spain’s central government to hold a referendum on [...]

Federal Employees Ordered To Attend Anti-Leaking Classes

By Michael Biesecker, www.lastrealindians.com -

By Michael Biesecker for Mint Press News - WASHINGTON (AP) — Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are attending mandatory training sessions this week to reinforce their compliance [...]

Government Debt Is Not The Problem

By Dean Baker, -

By Dean Baker for Counter Punch - Deficit fears are impoverishing our kids. The people complaining about budget deficits fundamentally misrepresent how the economy works and the problems it [...]

NY’s Fracking Ban Was Supposed To Set A Precedent…

By Ellen Cantarow and Dennis Higgins, www.truth-out.org -

By Ellen Cantarow and Dennis Higgins for Truthout - New York banned high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) two years ago, in a victory for persistent anti-fracking activists and a potential [...]

New Book Explores How Protesters—And Governments—Use Internet Tactics

By Wendy Grossman, www.arstechnica.com -

By Wendy Grossman for ARS Technica - In February 2003, the largest demonstration in Britain's history saw two million people march across London to protest the approaching Iraq War. Dozens of [...]

Venezuela Opposition Plans Alternative Government, Calls For Foreign Invasion

By Marco Teruggi, www.telesurtv.net -

By Marco Teruggi for Tele Sur - The problem of the Venezuelan right is to have proposed an objective without the correlation of necessary forces. Although in reality the decision was not [...]

Political Myth-Making And State Legitimacy

By Gerald Sussman, www.counterpunch.org -

By Gerald Sussman for Counter Punch - First off, it is quite evident that the United States, which for years has been losing internal state legitimacy, is in crisis. (It’s already lost external [...]

Meeting Needs Of Homeless Youth: Public Schools vs. Government

By Eleanor J. Bader, www.truth-out.org -

By Eleanor J. Bader for Truthout - Dr. Art McCoy, superintendent of schools in Jennings, Missouri, is a humble man. But when he speaks of his school district as "a lighthouse for informed [...]