Native American View Of The Grand Canyon’s Centennial Celebration

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Most people view the Grand Canyon as a place of recreation; they go there to sightsee, hike, raft and camp. But the people who have lived there for millennia see it differently. Native Americans [...]

Why We’re Investigating Grand Canyon Uranium

By John Ahni Schertow and Garet Bleir, -

By John Ahni Schertow and Garet Bleir for InterContinental Cry. In 2012, US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a twenty-year ban on mining surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park. [...]

Grand Canyon Is Our Home. Uranium Mining Has No Place Here

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By Carletta Tilousi for The Guardian - The Havasupai – “people of the blue-green waters” – live in Supai Village, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Today our lives and water are being [...]

Obama Will Not Declare Grand Canyon A Monument

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By Miriam Wasser for Pheonix New Times - Rep. Raul Grijalva announced in a written statement today that he has received word from the White House that President Barack Obama does not plan to [...]

Pave Grand Canyon, Monsanto’s Clean Slate & Activists In City Hall

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By Staff of Occupy - This week, the Grand Canyon is so breathtaking and gorgeous that we just can't stand it any longer. Let's talk about the two big plans to destroy this pristine beauty and [...]