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Great Britain

Operation Surprise: Leaked Emails Expose Secret Intelligence Coup

Leaked emails and documents reviewed by The Grayzone have exposed the dimensions of a wide-ranging conspiracy managed by a shadowy cabal of hardcore Leavers to sabotage former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, remove her from office, replace her with Boris Johnson, and secure a ‘hard’ withdrawal from the EU. The emails demonstrate that a group of operatives linked to the intelligence services and wealthy, reclusive pro-Brexit financiers spied on campaign groups, infiltrated the civil service, and targeted high-profile Remainers with reputational destruction. While the majority of British voters elected to assert their independence from the EU, this clique of mostly unknown influence agents sought to subvert the process and manage it according to their own elite interests.

Document: An Act For The Abolition Of Slavery, 1833

Just last week a white couple, William and Kate, went on a Caribbean cruise. Smiling, carefree people, they were surprised by the intense hostility and the relentless contempt they received from the dark-skinned natives. William, not incidentally, is the grandson of a woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has claimed – and for many years, few disputed the claim – that her full name is “Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.” Her “realms and territories” include the Caribbean countries of Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. William and Kate (whom some call the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) had traveled to the Caribbean to celebrate the seventy-year anniversary of Elizabeth’s reign over these realms and territories, and to ensure that by the time he, William, inherits his grandmother’s royal mantle something still remains of his family's name, and their empire.

Poll: Jeremy Corbyn Would Easily Win As Labor Party Leader

By Jon Stone for the Independent. Labour members would overwhelmingly reject any attempt by the party’s MPs to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader, a new poll suggests. The YouGov survey for The Times newspaper found that a significant 64 per cent of members would vote for Mr Corbyn in a leadership ballot triggered by an attempted coup. Just a third, 33 per cent, say they would not vote for him. The findings mean it would be effectively impossible to topple the Labour leader under current circumstances were he to make it on the ballot paper. The findings represent an increase in support for Mr Corbyn among full party members compared to when he was elected in September 2015 on 49.5 per cent of first preference votes.

Newsletter: Transformation – Elections & Movements

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance - The United States has unusual challenges for movements working in the electoral system. The two party system is deeply embedded in law and political consciousness so it is very hard for a party challenging Wall Street to be successful. Wall Street and big business are the dominant funders of both parties, the corporate media echoes their message and debates managed by the two parties through a phony “debate commission” keep out alternative views. People challenging that system have little opportunity to get their message out and be viable in the rigged US democracy. The relationship between movements and elections is complicated to navigate but to succeed we will need both an electoral and non-electoral movement that are independent of the corporate duopoly.

Political Earthquake Shakes UK: Corbyn Wins Labour Leader

By Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal Britain for Defending Marxism - This astonishing victory of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader of the Labour Party represents a political earthquake of monumental proportions. It has turned the political map of Britain upside down. Hundreds of thousands of workers and youth, desperate for change, are celebrating this victory all over the country. Michael Meacher has correctly described the Corbyn campaign as “the biggest non-revolutionary upturning of the social order.” Corbyn, the left wing candidate, represents the anti-Establishment majority. This massive Corbyn victory means the party clearly rejects the right wing agenda. People want a fundamental change in society.

Growing Anti-Austerity Anger Driving Britain’s Youth To The Left

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead in Occupy - Recently, Britain's less politically vocal under 25s, whose penchant to not vote has long been the bane of politicians, are gathering political momentum and emerging as a potent voice of opposition to the government. The most immediate cause of this movement is the 2015 U.K. Budget, which will be remembered most for leaving the nation’s most vulnerable behind. With no coalition to stifle the Conservatives' painful austerity agenda, the newly-elected Tory government last month let rip into the welfare state, slashing benefits and targeting not only the sick and the poor – but more injudiciously, the young. In their election campaign, Conservatives talked about making Britain a more optimistic place for youngsters, but the Chancellor’s Budget was a particularly vicious attack on that demographic.

The Deafening Silence: Magna Carta At 800

By Pablo Julián Davis in Interfluency - Today, June 15, 2015, marks an astonishing, almost inconceivable anniversary: 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, at Runnymede, and with it the foundational idea that there are limits upon the power of the sovereign. That our rulers must not be above the law. Apart from Biblical matters, commemorating events so far in the past is unknown to us. Within the lifetimes of a good part of the US population, we’ve seen a bicentennial (1976, Declaration of Independence), quadricentennial (2007, founding of Virginia), and quincentennial (1992, Columbus’s landing). Magna Carta is three centuries older than the oldest of those! Its age beggars the imagination.

Drone Protesters Arrested At RAF Base In Lincolnshire

Four people campaigning against Britain’s use of armed drones have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass. Lincolnshire police said two men in their early 50s and two women aged 30 and 64 were detained at RAF Waddington on Monday. Waddington, near Lincoln, has been the focus of recent protests over Britain’s operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are controlled from the base. In a statement issued to the BBC, a group calling itself End the Drone Wars named those involved in the protest and said they were from Oxford, Coventry, Nottingham and Leicester. In its statement, the group said: “We come to RAF Waddington to say a clear ‘No’ to the growing normalisation and acceptability of drone warfare.

Western Imperialists Have Been Bombing Iraq For 100 Years

President Obama's campaign of aerial bombardment against ISIS in Iraq and Syria maintains a British colonial policy designed 100 years ago to avoid the consequences of putting large numbers of boots on the ground in what are now Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As a British official in Iraq reported in April 1919, "No sooner has one area been subdued than another breaks out in revolt and has to be dealt with by aeroplane…all these tribal disturbances have been dealt with from the air… thus the Army has been saved from marching many weary miles over bad country and sustaining casualties." That Western air forces are still bombing the same countries based on the same rationale a century later is a staggering failure of politics, humanity and the rule of law.

Protesters Stage ‘Occupy’ Protest By British Parliament

London (AFP) - Some 200 anti-government campaigners rallied in front of the British parliament on Friday, saying that they were planning to set up an "Occupy Democracy" camp without official permission. The protesters, some wearing Anonymous masks and holding up a large banner reading "Real Democracy Now", gathered on the eve of a trade union march expected to draw tens of thousands. They were watched by about 25 police officers. "We are here in front of Westminster to say we want real democracy, and we want it now," said activist John Sinha, one of the organisers, as he addressed the crowd.
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