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Great March of Return

Israeli Snipers Target Gaza Protesters In The Eyes

Media coverage and social media posts went wild when Palestinian photojournalist Muath Amarneh was blinded in his left eye after he was hit by a rubber bullet while covering a protest in the West Bank. However, Amarneh was far from unique; Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs – and eyes. To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that 50 protesters have been shot in the eye since the demonstrations began March 30, 2018 – leaving them permanently blind. “Some of these protesters and journalists were hit in the eye with teargas canisters, but most were targeted directly with what is commonly called a ‘rubber bullet,’ giving the impression they are somehow benign,” says Ashraf Alqedra, MD, a treating physician at Gaza City’s al-Shifa Hospital and spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

Great March Of Return: More Than 50 Protesters Injured By Israeli Forces In Gaza

Gaza - IOF have attacked anti-occupation protests taking place near the fence between the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied territories, leaving more than 50 Palestinians injured. The Gazan Health Ministry said 55 people were injured by Israeli forces during the 74th Friday protest. Twenty-nine of the wounded people were injured by live fire, Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesman for the ministry, said on his official Twitter account. The rallies have been held every week since March 30 last year. The Palestinians want the return of those driven out of their homeland by Israeli aggression. Israeli troops have killed at least 307 Palestinians since the beginning of the rallies and wounded more than 18,000 others, according to the Gazan Health Ministry.

A Frontline View Of The Palestinian Great March Of Return

On March 30 2018, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip started a weekly peaceful protest they call "The Great March of Return." The purpose was to go to the wall separating them from their previous homes and demonstrate their desire to return. The response by the state of Israel has been violent and intense, killing 210 demonstrators and wounding more than 7,400. Although they were blocked from entering Gaza, Abby Martin and Mike Prysner of Empire Files were able to obtain high-quality video footage of the frontlines and interviews of people involved in the weekly actions. We speak with Abby Martin about their new documentary, "Gaza Fights for Freedom," and the severe conditions under which Palestinians live. Martin and Prysner show the reality that is not portrayed in most media today.

Gaza Marks Great March Of Return Anniversary

Human waves flooded the Israel-Gaza fence beginning Saturday morning marking the first anniversary of the Great March of Return protests, facing off against Israeli forces behind the fortified barbed-wire fence. The demonstrators gathered despite rain, and even as Egypt is seeking to mediate a deal to end the blockade of Gaza. For the fifty-second week in succession, Israeli military’s tear gas canisters, live rounds and rubber bullets broke into the shouts of demonstrators, more than 40,000 (according to Israeli army), gathering at several locations along the border. Three Palestinians were killed and more than 200 others injured.
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