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Great Sioux Nation

Ghost Nation Responds To Governor Kristi Noem: ‘She Must Apologize’

Wanagi Oyate (Ghost Nation) of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has issued the following statement, condemning South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s misguided and misinformed rhetoric regarding sacred Lakota practices and allegations of criminal activity. Chief Bear Cross of Wanagi Oyate (Ghost Nation) expressed his concerns over Noem’s statements, saying “The only people on Pine Ridge Reservation affiliated with the name ‘Ghost’ is Ghost Nation. We are not and have never been associated with violence, drugs, trafficking or the Mexican Cartel. Governor Noem’s remarks are damaging and dangerous.”

1894 Sioux Nation Treaty Council Appeals To UN As Colonized Nation

Middle of North America – The 1894 Sioux Nation Treaty Council (SNTC) which has been going to the United Nations (UN) for nearly forty (40) years, is recommending a “theme” to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). The recommendation is that the Sioux Nation, which has a valid treaty with the United States (US), and other Indigenous nations with treaties and agreements with colonizing governments, be recommended in the CERD report to the General Assembly and allowed to participate in the processes of the UN Decolonization Committee as a colonized nation. This would mean the liberation and freedom of such Indigenous nations with the help of the UN. The processes take a few years. The English speaking countries have been a block to this process since the inception of the UN nearly 77 years ago.

UN Experts Concerned About Charges Against US Indigenous Leader

Nicholas Tilsen, human rights defender of the Oglala-Lakȟóta Sioux Nation and president of the indigenous-led NDN Collective, is due in court on 18 December, charged with four felonies and three misdemeanours after he and others blocked a road leading to a fireworks celebration event, led by President Donald Trump, which was held on 4 July at the South Dakota site in the Black Hills region.   “Obviously we cannot pre-judge the outcome of the case against Nicholas Tilsen, but we are seriously concerned about his arrest and the charges brought against him in connection with the exercise of his rights as an indigenous person, particularly the right to assembly”, the five UN Special Rapporteurs said.  
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