95 Greek Parliamentarians Tell Biden: ‘Drop All Charges Against Assange’

By Yanis Varoufakis. -

As part of the international mobilisation to apply pressure on the US government to end the persecution of Julian Assange, MeRA25 invited members of Greece’s Parliament to co-sign the letter [...]

Greek General Strike Against Attacks On Right To Demonstrate

By Katerina Selin, WSWS. -

The mood in the international working class is strained to the breaking point. As millions of people were demonstrating against the government across India on Thursday, tens of thousands of [...]

Judgment Day For Greek Fascism

By Eleftheria Koumandou and Stelios Foteinopoulos, Tribune Magazine. -

Golden Dawn is the political organisation that was founded during the early ’90s, started its criminal activity in 1992, gained political clout in 2010 and managed to elect 18 MPs in June 2012. [...]

As The World Battles COVID-19, Greece’s War On Migrants Rages On

By Spyros Galinos, ROAR Magazine. -

For many years, a silent war has been waged along Europe’s borders, but this war has left the majority of the continent’s population seemingly untouched. This contrast has become even starker in [...]

Repression, Eviction And Dispossession In New Democracy’s Greece

By Staff, Roarmag.org -

The latest attack on the squatting movement in Greece is the preamble for a massive operation of housing dispossession by the right-wing government. Dimitris Indares was still in his pyjamas [...]

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Inside The Self-Managed Factory Of Vio.Me.

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot -

Thessaloniki, Greece – Workers have successfully self-managed the production of environmentally-friendly cleaning products for the last six years in the occupied factory Vio.Me. There are no [...]

Tsipras Has Betrayed The Greek People

By John Kiriakou, Consortiumnews.com -

The prime minister who lost his bluff with international creditors in 2015 is now striking another radical pose by giving holidays to assassins. The Greek word “syriza” means radical or from the [...]

Greek State Prosecutes 21 Environmental Defenders

By Dimitri Lascaris, The Real News. -

This is Dimitri Lascaris, reporting for The Real News Network from the courthouse in Thessaloniki, Greece, the second largest city in the country. We are here today for the first day of a trial [...]

Italian Debt Crisis Erupts: Is This A Greek Debt Crisis Writ Large?

By Dr. Jack Rasmus, Globalresearch.ca -

With no independent monetary policy and strict limits on its fiscal policy, all Italy could do in a recession or financial crisis, such as 2008-2010, was borrow money from the ECB and the Euro [...]

Greece At A Stand Still As Thousands Strike Against Austerity

By Patrick Strickland, Aljazeera.com -

Athens, Greece - Flags and banners fluttered above a steady stream of protesters, who chanted anti-austerity slogans as they marched through the streets of the Greek capital. On Wednesday, [...]

Athens Rally Moment Of Truth For Greeks Under Thumb Of EU-Imposed Austerity

By Michael Nevradakis, Mintpressnews.com -

ATHENS, GREECE (Analysis) – Hundreds of thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, on Sunday, January 21, in a mass rally opposing a compromise on the [...]

EU Imposes Anti-Union Law On Greece

By Will Podmore, Counterpunch.org -

Under instructions from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Greek government pushed through the most anti-union legislation in Europe on [...]

FairCoop: An Alternative System Outside Of Capitalism

By Niko Georgiades, geo.coop -

Athens, Greece – Tools born from the internet, applied across autonomous networks and movements seeking alternatives to capitalism, are providing the infrastructure of alternative societies. In [...]

Education To Deportation; Refugees Face Growing Crisis In Greece

By Maria Paradia, occupy.com -

By Maria Paradia for Occupy - At last count, one-third of the 60,000 refugees currently stranded in Greece are school-age children. Trapped in the country due to the E.U.'s inability to address [...]