As Cost Of Climate Crisis Grows, Climate Movement Escalates

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The warnings of climate chaos are coming so fast they are difficult to keep up with. Storms, heatwaves and climate-related weather disasters are increasing at a rapid pace. The leadership of the [...]

What A Green New Deal For DC Could Mean For The City’s Working-Class Residents

By David Schwartzman, -

The Green New Deal first entered U.S. political discourse during Howie Hawkins’ 2010 Green Party campaign for New York governor. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate for president, later [...]

A Green & Just Transition Requires Democratized Public Banks – Costa Rica Style

By  Thomas Marois, Open Democracy -

Public banks, in particular, are shown to have much greater financial capacity than commonly believed. Whereas the IATF 2019 Report claims there is only $5 trillion in combined public bank assets [...]

The Climate Movement Enters Phase III

By Jeremy Brecher, -

The climate movement in the US and around the world has gone through two main phases and is entering a third. The first, starting with the confirmation of man-made global warming, was a movement [...]

A Father’s Day Gift For Myself: Activism

By Peter Certo, -

News about climate change has been so spooky for so long that it can feel like background noise. We find a way to carry on like normal, even when the news is disquieting. Well, let me tell you [...]

Global Inequality In A Time Of Climate Emergency

By Tom Athanasiou, -

Something has changed, as most everyone in the climate movement agrees, and we have plenty of signposts that track the shift, from David Wallace-Well’s 2017 New York Magazine piece, The [...]

A Green New Deal Needs To Fight US Militarism

The war on terror unleashed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack has led to almost two decades of unchecked militarism. We are spending more money on our military than at any time in history. [...]

What’s In An Eco-Socialist Green New Deal?

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Each new report indicates the need to take urgent action on the climate crisis. The impacts in the US so far this year are already devastating - much of the farmland in the Midwest is still [...]

A ‘Green New Deal’ Needs To Be Global, Not Local

By Andrew Taylora and Harpreet Kaur Paul, -

In the US and the UK, the Green New Deal movement has galvanised hope for transitioning to the more equitable zero carbon world we so desperately need to address poverty and keep global average [...]

Europe: Greens Surge, Older Parties Erode, Far Right Also Gains

By Scott Tucker, Popular Resistance -

Green parties made stunning gains in the European Elections, due to the strength of many younger voters, the grass roots insurgency of ecological school strikes and marches, and the tenacity of [...]

Why Now Is The Time To Connect The Pipeline Fights

By George Lakey and Judy Wicks, -

A remarkable chance exists right now to accelerate the climate justice movement. President Trump is moving to speed up pipeline construction just as the public is waking up to the need to keep [...]

Toward Climate-Catalyzed Social Transformation?

By Diana Stuart, and Ryan Gunderson, ROAR -

In past weeks, Extinction Rebellion has continued to make news headlines with acts of protest in London, Boston, New York and other cities across the globe. In London, thousands of activists [...]

The World’s Happiest People Already Have A Green New Deal, And They Love It

By George Lakey, -

According to the latest report from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the Nordics are once again in the top tier of the World’s Happiest People. This year’s report, [...]

Movement To Build National Support For Green New Deal Starts In Boston, ‘City Of Revolutions’

By Zach Roberts, -

The past two years, 2017 and 2018, brought the U.S. two major youth-led movements. The first was borne out of the March for Our Lives, which saw hundreds of thousands rallying for gun violence [...]

Extinction Rebellion, Grief And Climate Catastrophe

By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund NY. -

New York - I was attracted to the Extinction Rebellion by its call for net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – more in line what is needed to save life on the planet than what many other groups have [...]

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