12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal

By Jeremy Brecher and Joe Uehlein, In These Times -

The Green New Deal is poised to become a factor in the 2020 elections. Labor unions should take this opportunity to embrace the proposal—and fight to make sure it’s a strong vehicle for advancing [...]

Congress And States Should Enact A Green New Deal

By Mark Dunlea, Popular Resistance. -

While many candidates in 2018 used the phrase the Green New Deal to highlight that a transition to renewable energy would help create living wage jobs, AOC’s proposal for a plan for 100% clean [...]

Don’t Do Anything About Climate Disaster

By Miranda Spencer, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

“Democrats Will Push on Climate Change,” declared the lead story on the front page of the November 27 USA Today. (The online version bore the more verbose headline, “Once Democrats Take Charge of [...]

Sorry Democrats, The Green Party Came Up With The Green New Deal!

By Andrew Stewart, Counterpunch. -

This week progressives nationwide are talking about a Green New Deal and, while mainstream media is saying that insurgent Democrats came up with this, we beg to differ! We applaud the efforts of [...]

Ocasio’s Proposed Green New Deal Includes Public Bank Funding

By Public Banking Institute -

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — one of two insurgent progressive candidates to succeed in their races for Congress — submitted draft text for a select committee on a Green New Deal financed by a [...]

The Political Fraud Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’

By Will Morrow, WSWS -

The Democratic version of the Green New Deal is characterized by a massive political fraud. It includes various left-sounding rhetoric, but is entirely directed to and dependent upon the [...]