Why Now Is The Time To Connect The Pipeline Fights

By George Lakey and Judy Wicks, Wagingnonviolence.org -

A remarkable chance exists right now to accelerate the climate justice movement. President Trump is moving to speed up pipeline construction just as the public is waking up to the need to keep [...]

Toward Climate-Catalyzed Social Transformation?

By Diana Stuart, and Ryan Gunderson, ROAR -

In past weeks, Extinction Rebellion has continued to make news headlines with acts of protest in London, Boston, New York and other cities across the globe. In London, thousands of activists [...]

The World’s Happiest People Already Have A Green New Deal, And They Love It

By George Lakey, Wagingnonviolence.org -

According to the latest report from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the Nordics are once again in the top tier of the World’s Happiest People. This year’s report, [...]

Movement To Build National Support For Green New Deal Starts In Boston, ‘City Of Revolutions’

By Zach Roberts, Desmogblog.com -

The past two years, 2017 and 2018, brought the U.S. two major youth-led movements. The first was borne out of the March for Our Lives, which saw hundreds of thousands rallying for gun violence [...]

Extinction Rebellion, Grief And Climate Catastrophe

By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund NY. -

New York - I was attracted to the Extinction Rebellion by its call for net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – more in line what is needed to save life on the planet than what many other groups have [...]

The 2020 Democrats Of The ‘Anti-Green New Deal Coalition’

By Kendra Chamberlain, Desmogblog.com -

Support for the ambitious Green New Deal proposal has uncovered widening rifts within the Democratic Party as presidential candidates begin fleshing out their 2020 platforms. To date, the Green [...]

A Buyback For Our Future?

By Sam Pizzigati, Inequality.org -

People who are trying to do good — with a Green New Deal, for instance, or Medicare for All — regularly find themselves confronting a simple and sometimes sneering gotcha question: So where’s the [...]

The Green New Deal: A Strategy For A More Equal United States

By Jeremy Brecher, Inequality.org -

The Green New Deal often gets portrayed as simply a program for climate protection. But the Green New Deal — as proposed in a new congressional resolution from Representative Alexandra [...]

Funding The Green New Deal Without Raising Taxes And Creating Massive Debt

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt -

The US Green New Deal envisions funding with “a combination of the Federal Reserve [and] a new public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks,” which could include banks owned [...]

The English Diggers, The “Commons,” And The Green New Deal

By Ed Simon, Historynewsnetwork.org -

In April of 1649 a group of radicals, some veterans of the recent English civil wars, occupied a bit of common grass on a plot known as St. George’s Hill in Surrey and they began to grow [...]

The Keys To The Sunrise Movement’s Momentum? A Bold Idea, A Visionary Narrative, And Organising Best Practices

By Climate Advocacy Lab, Mobilisationlab.org -

Over the last year and a half, the Sunrise Movement and its allies have promoted an energy infrastructure plan known as the Green New Deal so effectively in the US that the policy now features on [...]

The Green New Deal Can Work – Here’s How

By Jeremy Brecher, Labor Network for Sustainability -

Global warming has rightly been called history’s “greatest market failure.” Correcting it cannot be left to the market. The GND will need bold economic planning, industrial policies, and public [...]

Youth Climate Activists Demanding Green New Deal Arrested For Sit-In At #OilMoneyMitch McConnell’s Office

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams.org -

"We're here to warn him and all senators: if you refuse to back the Green New Deal, young people will remember next time you ask for our votes." Hundreds of Kentucky high school students and [...]

Turning The Green New Deal From Impossible To Inevitable

By James Brewer Stewart, History Network -

If you are sneering at advocates of the Green New Deal as impractical dreamers, misguided fanatics or headline seeking demagogues here is a lesson from our nation’s past that should make you [...]

“It’s Eco-Socialism Or Death”

By Kali Akuno, Blackagendareport.com   -

The Green New Deal (GND) is now part of the national conversation. But for decades, social movements have been doing the on-the-ground work to resist fossil capitalism and envision a different [...]

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