Climate Emissions From Gulf Coast’s New Petrochemical, Oil And Gas Projects Same As 29 New Coal Power Plants

In the last six years, officials in Texas and Louisiana issued permits allowing 74 petrochemical, oil, and gas projects to pump as much climate-warming pollution into the atmosphere as running 29 [...]

As Hurricanes Intensify, So Does Resistance to Big Oil in the Gulf

By Mike Ludwig, -

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout. The protesters are growing in numbers, and their actions are becoming more direct, as they set their sights on opposing both existing oil and gas infrastructure as [...]

Thousands Of Invisible Oil Spills Are Destroying The Gulf

By Emma Grey Ellis, -

By Emma Grey Ellis for WIred - HURRICANE IVAN WOULD not die. After traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, it stewed for more than a week in the Caribbean, fluctuating between a Category 3 and 5 [...]

Guest Column: Time To Stop New Oil Leases Off Coast

By Anne Rolfes and Cherri Foytlin, -

By Anne Rolfes and Cherri Foytlin for The Advocate - On Wednesday, we are going to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to put forth an idea to help Louisiana and the Gulf region adapt to changes that [...]

Gulf South Rising Remembers Katrina, Builds Campaign

By Staff, -

By Staff for Popular Resistance - Gulf South Rising (GSR) is a coordinated regional movement created to highlight the impact of the global climate crisis on the Gulf South region (Texas, [...]