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Community Organizing Guides To Help Stop Hate

By Staff of Rabble - In the last school year, racists attacked Muslim children in schools across Canada. In Red Deer, a school yard spat involving Syrian kids was used by the WCAI and other racist groups to organize rallies against 'Islamic terror in schools.' In Halifax, while the regular Chronical Herald staff were locked out, a reporter published an unsubstantiated story about violence by a Muslim child at Chebucto Elementary School, which caused an uproar and was later retracted. In the Peel region, the fight to retain religious accomodation for all faiths became a serious confrontatoin. In the end religious accommodation in schools was retained, however, a Quran was ripped up, a reward was offered for pictures of Muslim children praying (presumably taken without their permission), and racists rallied outside schools, and truly reprehensible things were said. In Calgary, racist graffiti was found on schools. In Quebec, Djemila Benhabib is facing slander charges for likening a Muslim school to militant Islamic training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Discredited, hate mongering, right wing populists like Ann Coulter and Faith Goldy, two recent examples, are becoming more frequent guests on Canadian campuses.

The Hate Spiral Of 2016: 701 Acts Of ‘Hateful Harassment’ Since Election Day

By Staff of MintPress News - MINNEAPOLIS — There have been at least 361 incidents of anti-Muslim violence and harassment in 2016, an average of more than one incident per day. Even before the election of President-elect Donald Trump, a wave of Islamophobic hate crimes and anti-Muslim incidents throughout the year drew comparisons to the aftermath of 9/11, when many Muslims were afraid to go out in public.

Understanding Self-Hatred In World Affairs

By Robert J. Burrowes for Popular Resistance. If you have ever wondered why the global elite hoards their wealth instead of using it to help break down the violence and injustice in our world, I would like to suggest an answer to your question: self-hatred. The explanation for violent and exploitative behaviors always includes self-hatred. Let me explain why. Conscious self-hatred is an intensely unpleasant feeling to experience and, consequently, people who feel self-hatred learn to fearfully and deeply suppress their awareness of it when they are very young. Having learned to do this, subsequent opportunities for this self-hatred to be felt are progressively more easily suppressed. No feeling can be suppressed out of existence: instead, it is unconsciously projected elsewhere and generates destructive behavior. So the unconscious terror and self-hatred of the Koch brothers are projected as fear of and hatred for other living beings as well as the Earth, and manifests as behavior that is destructive (of themselves, others and the planet).

Driven By ‘State Injustice’, Egypt’s Revolutionaries Rise Up

But now that the heavy-handed tactics have come to the doorstep of the fundamental rights they earned by revolting in 2011 to unseat autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak, they are back on the streets. “Many people did not go out on the streets because of the absence of a clear demand. But, after a while, things have become clear again. The state is still trying to preserve and renew its oppressive tools,” socialist activist Khaled Abdel-Hamid told Ahram Online. “The interior ministry and all the security apparatuses are doing their utmost to exact revenge on the symbols of the January 2011 revolution,” added Abdel-Hamid, a member of the Way of the Revolution Front, founded in September as a third political force opposed to both the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.
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