Howard University Sit-in: A Struggle For Democracy At An HBCU

By Jamal Rich, Black Agenda Report. -

On late Tuesday, Oct. 12, Howard University students began staging a sit-in demonstration at the Blackburn building in front of the historic Yard. Students brought sleeping bags and food and [...]

Book Argues That HBCUs Are Owed Reparations

By Keenan "higz" Higgins, NewsOne. -

The idea of reparations for Black people as restitution for the slavery of our ancestors is a conversation we’ve been collectively having for decades now — many different points have been made as [...]

Virginia State University Unveils Student Debt Cancellation Initiative

By News One. -

The debt elimination effort was financed through the CARES Act. For scholars who attended the institution during 2020 and spring 2021, all debt owed to the school will be erased. Donald Palm, [...]


By Glen Ford, -

The Southern University System has opened its arms to the CIA with an agreement  to allow the agency to recruit operatives and shape classroom workshops and curriculum on the system’s five [...]

HBCU Scandals Don’t Die, They Multiply

By Dominica Dunbar, -

HBCU scandals don’t die, they multiply like vultures stalking a starving child. Black misleaders prey on Black students and faculty for their own advancement. Pretending they represent autonomous [...]

Hampton University Students Take To The Streets Over Campus Conditions

By Eddie Conway, -

Yeah, there’s a number of student protests taking place on campus. Variety of issues that students are trying to get addressed. One is Title IX compliance issues. Another is quality of food [...]

James Comey’s Rough Reception At Howard University

By David A. Graham, -

By David A. Graham for The Atlantic - The former FBI director has been at the center of controversy for months, but protestors at the historically black university on Friday focused on his [...]

Maryland HBCUs Fight Almost 50 Years Of Discrimination

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Maryland's four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have never been desegregated. Despite findings by the Department of Education and Federal Court that [...]