Debt Strike Needed As Debt Collectors Keep Coming After Millions Of People

By Paul Kiel and Jeff Ernsthausen, ProPublica.   -

Over the past couple decades, Capital One, Lugo’s pursuer, helped lead the way in transforming the nation’s local courts into collection machines. As recently as the 1990s, these courts conformed [...]

Why Are Drug Prices Rising So Much?

By Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams -

Corporations' quest for profits is what "is driving up drug prices and nothing more." That's according to Dennis Bourdette, M.D., chair of neurology in the Oregon Health and Science University [...]

How Employees And Employers Get Bled By Health Insurance

By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism. -

“The single biggest issue in health care for most Americans is that their health costs are growing much faster than their wages are,” KFF CEO Drew Altman said. “Costs are prohibitive when workers [...]