The Future Of Industrial Hemp And Biofuels

By Michael T. Hertz, -

I first met Ellen H. Brown in 2014 when she came to San Miguel de Allende to work on a conference entitled “Moving Past Capitalism.”  The conference was the brainchild of Cliff DuRand, one of the [...]

How We’re Paying To Trample Our Rights + A Bright Future For Hemp

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Dissent – protest, direct action, civil disobedience – these are the manifestations of our power. And they are the only things that the ruling elite truly fear. Which is why we're seeing a wave [...]

The Vast Impact Of Legalizing Hemp

By Staff, -

The Empire doesn't understand yet what has happened. Legalizing hemp farming and hemp industries will have a profound impact on our local communities, our soil, our ecosystems and our culture at [...]

Southern Illinois To Revive Economy With Industrial Hemp

By Southern Illinois Growers Network, Popular Resistance. -

Last May Illinois passed legislation to remove restrictions on industrial hemp, and in August Governor Rauner signed the bill into law.  We are grateful to our elected officials who worked to [...]