Anti-Kissinger Protest At New York University

By Isaac Finn, -

On Tuesday October 16, over 100 protesters gathered in Gould Plaza outside of New York University’s business school in lower Manhattan to protest against the appearance of former secretary of [...]

Kissinger And Brzezinski To Be Honoured By Nobel Institute

By Jan Oberg, -

By Jan Oberg for TFF - These two top officials behind major US wars (Iran/Afghanistan and Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos) and regime change (against Allende, Chile) will speak at the first of a new event, [...]

Who’s The ‘Low Life Scum:’ Kissinger or CODEPINK?

By Medea Benjamin, -

Sen. McCain denounced CODEPINK activists as “low-life scum” for holding up signs reading “Arrest Kissinger for War Crimes” and dangling handcuffs next to Henry Kissinger’s head during a Senate [...]