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Henry Kissinger

Question The Narrative That Villainizes Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger straddled US foreign policy like a narcissistic cowboy across two presidencies from 1969-1977 as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.  He is considered to have influenced the policy decisions of 12 presidents, affecting the course of global history. What is notable in the current moment, in the moralizing obituary circuit, is the framing that Kissinger was somehow uniquely evil and murderous--a moral cancer on the US body politic--and that he personally shifted US policy in this direction. This “exceptional war criminal" framing is especially promoted by the Imperial Liberal Press, in particular the Overton window gatekeepers such as The Nation, DemocracyNow!, the NY Times, and the Washington Post.

The Murderous Life And Legacy Of Henry Kissinger

Perfect Symbol Of The Rotted US Security State.

Puebla Group Demands Formal Apology From The US For Chile Coup

The Puebla Group has demanded that the United States present a formal apology for its role in the 1973 coup d’état against President Salvador Allende of Chile as part of the commemoration events for 50 years since one of the bloodiest coups in the world. On Sunday, September 10, the Puebla Group and the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy (CLAJUD) released a joint declaration highlighting that “it is essential to recognize the responsibility of foreign actors in the events that led to the coup” that overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973, and ushered in the 17-year dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, who led the coup.

Henry K In Beijing

Secretary of State Blinken traveled to Beijing in mid–June and got nothing done. Treasury Secretary Yellen followed within weeks and got nothing done. John Kerry, secretary of nothing who is supposed to be doing something about climate policy but one cannot make out what, finished up a round of talks in the Chinese capital last weekend. And got nothing done.  This has been going on since the Biden regime befouled relations with China shortly after the January 2021 inauguration. None of these people has been received in Beijing with more than minimal courtesy and not quite that if we are measuring respect. 

Henry Kissinger Is a Disgusting War Criminal

The late Anthony Bourdain wrote in 2001 that “once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands.” However many people might have wanted to do that over the decades, Kissinger remains with us. Today is his hundredth birthday. And he continues to be treated as a respected elder statesman. That should tell you everything you need to know about America’s global empire. Tributes have been flowing to Dr Kissinger all week. At CNN, foreign correspondent David Andelman enthuses that “at 100, Henry Kissinger is still teaching us the value of ‘Weltanschaüng.’”

Anti-Kissinger Protest At New York University

On Tuesday October 16, over 100 protesters gathered in Gould Plaza outside of New York University’s business school in lower Manhattan to protest against the appearance of former secretary of state and notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger as a guest speaker.  Kissinger, now 95 years old, is a rightly despised figure internationally for his central role in developing the policies of US imperialism. He served as national security adviser and secretary of state from 1969 to 1976 during which time he was partially responsible for the slaughter of millions in Vietnam, the CIA-backed coup in Chile, in which tens of thousands were murdered, and the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, that resulted in 200,000 deaths, among other crimes.

Kissinger And Brzezinski To Be Honoured By Nobel Institute

By Jan Oberg for TFF - These two top officials behind major US wars (Iran/Afghanistan and Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos) and regime change (against Allende, Chile) will speak at the first of a new event, The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo, created by the Nobel Institute in Oslo. More here. The leaders of the two institutions declare that they are proud to have succeeded in getting these two diplomats to Norway – and the media of course will be there. The event is sponsored by the California-based company InCircl – a marketing and mobile payment company. The university rector is dr. med. and participant at Bilderberg world elite power group in 2011 Ole Petter Ottersen and you can write him at

Who’s The ‘Low Life Scum:’ Kissinger or CODEPINK?

Sen. McCain denounced CODEPINK activists as “low-life scum” for holding up signs reading “Arrest Kissinger for War Crimes” and dangling handcuffs next to Henry Kissinger’s head during a Senate hearing. McCain called the demonstration “disgraceful, outrageous and despicable,” accused the protesters of “physically intimidating” Kissinger. If Senator McCain was really concerned about physical intimidation, perhaps he should have conjured up the memory of the gentle Chilean singer/songwriter Victor Jara. After Kissinger facilitated the September 11, 1973 coup against Salvador Allende that brought the ruthless Augusto Pinochet to power, Victor Jara and 5,000 others were rounded up in Chile’s National Stadium. Jara’s hands were smashed and his nails torn off; the sadistic guards then ordered him to play his guitar. Jara was later found dumped on the street, his dead body riddled with gunshot wounds and signs of torture. Or, Kissinger’s role in the brutal 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor, which took place just hours after Kissinger and President Ford visited Indonesia. They had given the Indonesian strongman the US green light—and the weapons—for an invasion that led to a 25-year occupation in which over 100,000 soldiers and civilians were killed or starved to death.
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