Vietnam Bans Import Of Glyphosate Herbicides After US Cancer Trial Verdict

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Vietnam has announced that it has banned the import of all glyphosate-based herbicides with immediate effect following the latest cancer trial verdict from San Francisco, in a move which has [...]

With Roundup On Rocks, Monsanto’s Dangerous New Plan

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By Whitney Webb for Mint Press News - So far, this year has not been very kind to Monsanto. First, collusion between Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was revealed, whereby [...]

GMO Study Shows Massive Environmental Damage In US

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By Staff for Sustainable Pulse. According to new research from University of Virginia in the U.S., widespread adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops has decreased the use of insecticides, [...]

Illegal Herbicide Use On GMO Crops Causing Massive Damage To Fruit

By Ken Roseboro, -

By Ken Roseboro for Nation of Change - Last year, Kade McBroom launched a non-GMO soybean processing plant in Malden, Missouri, and was optimistic about the potential to serve the fast-growing [...]

Italian Health Ministry Puts Strict Restrictions On Glyphosate Herbicides

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By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - NGOs across Europe have enthusiastically applauded the decision by Italy’s Ministry of Health on Friday to place a number of restrictions on the use of the [...]

Petition Demands EPA Revoke License Of Glyphosate

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By Lydia Wheeler for The Hill - More than 14,000 people have signed a petition that asks the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revoke the license for glyphosate — the active ingredient in [...]

Opposition Derails EU Bid To Extend Use Of Toxic Herbicide

By Lauren McCauley, -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams - A wave of opposition has slammed the brakes on a plan to re-approve the use of Monsanto's toxic glyphosate in the European Union as a number of member [...]

EPA Bans Highly Toxic GMO Pesticide

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By Ocean Robbins for the Food Revolution Network. In phenomenal and ground-breaking news, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just announced that it is revoking the registration of [...]