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The CIA’s Addiction To The Afghanistan War

US involvement in Afghanistan is the archetypal quagmire. Hundreds of thousands killed or maimed, trillions of dollars wasted, a failed state – despite American pretensions of nation-building, and a militant insurgency stronger than ever. Washington’s declared strategic objectives in Afghanistan have never been coherent or convincing even among Pentagon top brass. The initial justification of “avenging terrorism of 9/11” sounds threadbare. The irony is that Washington first got involved in Afghanistan back in the late 1970s to inflict a “Vietnam scenario” on Soviet troops who were defending an allied government in Kabul. The Mujahideen fighters sponsored by the US and their Taliban outgrowth have gone on to make the country an even worse Vietnam scenario for Washington than it intended for Moscow. Afghanistan is known as the “Graveyard of Empires” where the British suffered a blow to their imperial prowess, like the Soviets and now the United States.

Death Penalty for Heroin Dealers?

By Maya Schenwar for Truth Out - April, former Attorney General Eric Holder told Frontline that the drug war "is over." Over the last part of his final term, President Obama has echoed that refrain, granting clemency to hundreds of people incarcerated for drug offenses and emphasizing that the US has relied too much on the criminal punishment system to address drug-related problems.

Team Recovery, Street Awareness Against Addiction

By Jay Bird Dirt for Revolution News. Team recovery held heroin awareness signs in Toledo Ohio to support not just our city and state, but our country during this deadly epidemic. The stigma on “junkies” and heroin use is so hush hush and we need to stop hiding it and accept the fact that it’s out of the inner cities and into the suburbs and high schools now. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it happens to nurses, lawyers, doctors, athletes, etc., but all we want to portray is that recovery is possible. We can’t cure you, but we can show you what helped us and what might help you. Because it IS possible to quit heroin and live a meaningful life without sticking a needle in your arm and stealing from society and your families. We need to erase that stigma.
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