Why Hezbollah Is Bringing Iranian Fuel To Lebanon

By Radwan Mortada, Orinoco Tribune. -

The chokehold on Lebanon has grown even tighter, thanks to the embargo imposed against it by the United States and its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf. This comes at the lowest point of Lebanon’s [...]

Lebanon Is Under Maximum Pressure, And The Target Is Hezbollah

By Elijah J. Magnier. -

Lebanon is under unprecedented economic and social pressure, paying the price for Hezbollah’s military capability that causes a threat to Israel. The options offered by those (US, EU and Israel) [...]

Lebanon: Inconvenient Truths About Syria, Iran, Hezbollah And The Shia ‘Street’

By Danny Sjursen, AntiWar.com. -

There’s been a lot of nonsense passing as truth in post-blast Lebanon reporting. Most centers around alarmism about Hezbollah’s nefarious influence, the West’s "opportunity" to destroy it, and [...]

The End Of The Hariri Trial

By Moon of Alabama. -

Judges at a U.N.-backed tribunal said Tuesday there was no evidence the leadership of the Hezbollah militant group and Syria were involved in the 2005 suicide truck bomb assassination of former [...]

Hezbollah-Backed Professor To Form New Government In Lebanon

By Sarah El Deeb and Zeina Karam, AP  -

A former education minister backed by the militant Hezbollah group and its allies was selected Thursday as Lebanon’s new prime minister to break a political impasse amid mass protests, although [...]